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6 Tips For Getting Buy-In From Your Salesforce Admin    
Competitive Enablement

6 Tips For Getting Buy-In From Your Salesforce Admin    

Need changes to your Salesforce instance to support Compete? Read on

Picture this.

Your company made a significant investment in Salesforce, entrusting it with vital processes, automation, reporting, and analytics. The platform becomes the backbone of your operations, and your Salesforce admin the guardian, holding keys to your most critical and sensitive data.

Now, imagine you’re leading the charge on your Compete program, aiming to demonstrate the value of Klue through data-driven insights. You need access to some critical data living in Salesforce to prove your program’s success.

But, to fully leverage this data and optimize your reporting and analysis, you need buy-in from your Salesforce admin. Their support is crucial for unlocking the full potential of your Compete program.

So, how do you get their backing? 

Here are six proven tips to help you secure that buy-in.

Understanding Their Role and Introducing Yourself

To truly make an impact, start by understanding the Salesforce administrator’s world. Dive into their day-to-day, where numbers, data, and reports reign supreme. When you introduce yourself, go beyond the basics. Highlight how your Compete project intersects with their work, showcasing the potential for collaboration and mutual benefit.

Researching Your Company’s Salesforce instance

Knowledge is your ally when navigating the Salesforce landscape. Take the time to explore your company’s instance inside out. Understand its nuances, connections to other systems, and how it’s utilized by your sales and marketing teams. Armed with this insight, you can make more informed requests and propose solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing workflows.

Crafting Clear Requests

Clarity is key to getting things done. Craft concise, comprehensive requests that outline the what, why, and who benefits. By providing a clear context for your ask, you make the decision-making and alignment so much easier. 

Strategic Planning and Timely Engagement

Collaboration thrives on proactive planning and timely engagement. Recognize the demands on Salesforce administrators’ time and plan ahead.  By submitting your requests ahead of the curve, you demonstrate respect for their workload and increase the likelihood of a favorable response. Align your timelines with their availability, ensuring smoother integration and implementation.

Collaborate on Problem-Solving

Engage Salesforce administrators as partners in problem-solving, asking for their input and expertise in data management and reporting. Provide as much context as possible, and collaborate in coming up with the right solution.  

Treating Them as Business Partners

Forge a collaborative partnership with your Salesforce admin. Include them in relevant discussions and decision-making meetings, recognizing their expertise as integral to project success. Treat them as the trusted business partner they are, so you can build collaboration and accountability, and ultimately pave the way for achieving your Compete program objectives.  

“Incorporating Klue into Salesforce has significantly increased the rate our reps’ mention a competitor being involved in a deal. This gave us a far clearer picture of our competitive landscape.” – Dave Barker, Market Intelligence Consultant

Connecting Klue and Salesforce is quick and easy – here’s a help doc you can send your Salesforce admin to get started. If you want to learn more, reach out to your CSM today.

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