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Jun 24th 2016

The 8 rules of awesome sales content

2 min

If your sales content isn’t doing its job, you aren’t doing yours.

Apr 15th 2016

Insights Hidden Inside Your B2B Sales Data

3 min

Uncover key strategic insights hidden in your B2B sales data. Use your CRM more efficiently to win more business.

Apr 11th 2016

The Anatomy of Winning Sales Battlecards

4 min

Competitive sales battlecards are the most important tool in your B2B sales enablement kit. Find out what needs to be on yours from an industry expert.

Mar 16th 2016

How to Build Sales Battlecards That Close More Deals

3 min

The most important metric in competitive intelligence is utility. If it’s not used, it’s not worth it. So, how do you get sales reps to value the intel you spend so much time collecting, analyzing and organizing?

Mar 11th 2016

The Trouble with Battlecards | An interview with Tim Rhodes

3 min

My hat’s in the ring. The fight is on and I’m stripped to the buff.

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