Why We’re Building Klue in Vancouver

October 5, 2017 by Klue

Why We're Building Klue in Vancouver

The Canucks, local seafood, yoga, what do all of these things have in common? They all represent Vancouver!  

Klue is based here in this beautiful city of Vancouver where we enjoy the fresh air, pacific ocean, and mountains where you can often run, bike, and ski all in the same day. Here are several reasons why Vancouver is a killer place to live and work:

1. The Canadian Tech Community, and Klue, Stand for Diversity and Inclusion

An open letter from the Canadian tech community also surfaced, Diversity is our strength, in response to the Executive Order to block entry of citizens back into the United States. Canada is an ecosystem that encourages teamwork and interconnectivity. Klue also supports diversity and inclusion, In fact, our family spans India, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

2. Narwhals in Vancouver

A recent report moved Canada up its world ranking as a place to start a tech business. The Global Startup Ecosystem Report puts Vancouver in the 15th spot. Our city has a proven success in growing tech powerhouses, including Vision Critical where our CEO was the President of Products.

Much has been said about unicorns, the nickname given to startups valued at $1 billion or more. However, they are disproportionately located in Silicon Valley. Canada coined the term “narwhal” to describe Canadian tech companies worth $1 billion or more, and unlike unicorns, narwhals actually exist. Vancouver is home to narwhals such as Hootsuite, Slack, and Avigilon, with more big players setting offices in BC which are drawn by the talent.  

3. In the <3 of Gastown, Vancouver’s popular tech scene!

Did you know that Klue’s office is located in one of Vancouver’s most historic landmarks? The Sun Tower has been recognized as an architectural gem, with the eye-catching, mint-coloured dome that is visible from anywhere in the city.

4. Tech Sector Growth is Supported by both Federal and Provincial Governments

The incentives for tech are continuously backed by the strong government support in Canada. The Scientific Research and Experimental Development program (SR&ED) is a federal tax incentive encouraging Canadian businesses of all sizes to conduct R&D in Canada. In 2015, the Government of British Columbia had announced a $100-million venture capital fund to help promising local tech companies. In 2016, the #BCTECH Strategy was launched to support the creation of jobs and boost the tech sector. Most recently, the newly  announced Tech Pilot under the new government in BC supports tech growth and is another program directed to attracting more workers and graduates in tech to come to BC.

5. Epic adventures on its doorstep

You can have both a great career and lifestyle in Vancouver. Admiring wildlife, snow sports, tanning on the beach, are all within striking distance of the city. Vancouver is also one of North America’s most cycle-friendly cities, with around 800 miles of bike lanes. If these reasons weren’t enough, it’s no surprise that Vancouver has been voted one of the most liveable cities in the world, time and time again. Vancouver has water, tons of it pouring from the skies, flowing through rivers and streams, and surrounding mountains, oceans and lakes. Vancouver is also green, with environmentally protected regional parks and forests.

In short, we’re proud to grow Klue in Vancouver, it’s a dynamic, natural, and beautiful place to live, and a great place to build a tech company. Check out our job postings to see how you can join our team and be a part of this beautiful city!

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