Inputs + Outputs

Win-loss intel should represent up to 70% of the inputs in a smart competitive intelligence flow. It’s critical to capturing everything from broad market perception and rival positioning to key tactical movements. Battlecards represent actionable outputs of that same smart competitive intelligence flow. They’re part of a powerful prescriptive toolkit that all sales reps require. 

For most companies, it’s what happens in between that is kind of a mess. Resources are limited—tools, time, manpower—to capture valuable comp intel. So you choose. You sacrifice. That’s why we built Klue: to streamline the flow of intel, contextualize it, package it and get it into the right hands quickly and efficiently.

Impossible Choices

Do you dive deep on Tier One competitors and basically ignore the others until they sneak up on you? Or. Do you use the search and sift method to gather generic, high-level intel on a bunch of competitors? 

Quality versus Quantity. Things get missed. The process fails. With Klue, you don’t have to choose. 

Competitive intelligence has changed and the tools you use to manage the CI workflow haven’t kept pace. So we built Klue. For you. Teams in large companies who barely have enough bandwidth to track key competitors with whatever system they’ve hacked together, nevermind monitor up-and-coming disruptors that “come out of nowhere!” 

Klue captures all of it with tools built specifically to help you improve the flow of intel through collection, curation and consumption; from the reams of intel floating around in decks and docs, Salesforce, Slack and Evernote to the field notes that get lost in notes or emails to the millions of web sources—Klue take sit all and offers it back up in organized, dynamic profiles. Living assets that you can purpose out to the field in battlecards, competitive sets or email digests.

Integrated CI Workflow

Klue pulls all of your intel sources together in one place. It scales smart competitive intelligence to deliver key insights and timely updates across any channel to the people who need it. Whether you’re a team on one or one hundred, this CI workflow doesn’t miss a thing or cut any corners. Make smarter decisions. Win more deals. Check and check.