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Competitive Battlecards 101: Company Overview Battlecard Template

March 1, 2018 by Katie Berg

Competitive Battlecards 101: Weekly series with templates on battlecards

Last week we introduced our new weekly series, Competitive Battlecards 101 and introduced the Approach To Market card.

This week, we’re discussing the Company Overview card. The purpose of this battlecard is simply to set the stage. If a salesperson doesn’t know anything about the company it gives them a basic sense of who they are.

Competitive Battlecard Template #2: Company Overview includes competitor details such as key customers, solution overview and other insights for Sales teams to use to get to know the competitor

Tracking how their revenues are trending, changes in employee count and recent investment gives you a sense of the scale of their company. Are they a major, heavily-backed threat with a growing client base? Have they recently expanded into a new region? This card when used properly will give you high-level insights about how your competitors are evolving over time. Beyond these insights, the other cards in your full battlecard deck will dive into what you actually need to win deals (Hence why it’s very important to subscribe to this weekly series to learn about these cards!).

Competitive Battlecard Template #2: Company Overview. Includes a full deck of 8 cards to make up the full battlecard for Sales teams.

When to Use / Not Use This Battlecard

When Not to Use:
– If you face off against 4 main competitors, then this card won’t be useful. Your sales people will already be familiar.

When to Use:
– If you think your sales people will not know who this competitor is it would make sense to use this card. This could be a new entrant, or a tier 2 or 3 competitor that they don’t face off against regularly.
– If you have high turnover in your sales force or frequently hire young and inexperienced sales people who won’t have much knowledge of the market.


How To Build the Company Overview Battlecard:

This card should be pretty quick to build. From their website you should be able to find: Logo image, headquarter location, known regions/offices, solution description and key customers. Crunchbase and LinkedIn should be able to supplement your information with employee count, revenue, investment details and a boilerplate.

Competitive Battlecard Template #2: Company Overview. Rubrik battlecard example. Includes a full deck of 8 cards to make up the full battlecard for Sales teams.


Next up in Competitive Battlecards 101

The Company Overview card is part of our Overview Battlecard Template (click the image below to expand), which is a set of eight of the most commonly used cards we’ve seen across hundreds of battlecards we’ve built with our clients. We’ll cover the cards shown below one by one before moving on to the next full battlecard template.

Competitive Battlecard Overview Template includes a full deck of 8 cards to make up the full battlecard for Sales teams.


Ready for more? Next up in our series will be the “Questions to Ask” card. Subscribe to the series Competitive Battlecards 101 and we’ll send you a new card each week so you can start building your library of competitive strategies.

Competitive Battlecards 101: Sales Battlecard templates and examples

If you’ve come this far and you’re still looking for more on battlecards, download our Product Marketers Guide to Creating Battlecards That Win.