Competitive Enablement

Debunking the Myths of Competitor Pricing

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In today’s episode of the ‘Competitive Enablement Show’ Vincent Lo, Klue VP of Product Marketing, is joined by a panel of market research experts April Glosser, Brady Jensen, and Phillipe Boutros to discuss research on competitor pricing.

During the live Q&A session, the panel explains why knowing competitor pricing alone won’t win you that next deal,  how they tackle pricing research, the do’s and don’ts of digging into competitors, and share their own experiences in the field.

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What is ‘The Competitive Enablement Show’?

Welcome to the Competitive Enablement Show. On this podcast, host Adam McQueen is joined by experts in the competitive intelligence industry to talk about innovative strategy, tangible advice and tactics that work, and building a competitive program that impacts the bottom line.

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