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The Competitive Enablement Maturity Model: A roadmap to accelerate your competitive program

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You wouldn’t bring a go-kart to an F1 race and expect to win.

It’s the same in business. If you’re aiming to win, then you wouldn’t come unprepared for a competitive deal.

However, based on our report results, less than one in five (18%) competitive program leaders feel that they currently have a mature competitive enablement program in place at their company. And while the overwhelming majority are in the early stages of developing their program, 86% of them are NOT satisfied with where they’re at maturity-wise.

Sprinkle in the fact that respondents have seen the importance of competitive intelligence increase significantly since the pandemic, and there’s a huge opportunity to elevate both your competitive program’s impact on the business and your role in the organization.

Right now most companies are only scratching the surface of what’s possible with competitive enablement. It’s time to overtake the competition.

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We’ve been collaborating with some of the best competitive and strategic minds in B2B and analyzed the data from the ‘2021 Competitive Enablement Report’ to create a roadmap for levelling up your competitive program, so that you can drive even more competitive wins across the entire organization.

Introducing the first-ever Competitive Enablement Maturity Model.

This model provides a framework for how to start and grow a competitive program.

Use it to identify where you stack up, and actionable steps you can take to evolve your competitive enablement program; from driving revenue performance in competitive deals, getting a seat at the executive table, informing strategic decisions, and saving time with more efficient processes, there’s a lot to be gained for yourself and your company by levelling up.

How can you use the maturity model?

Alright, so you’ve got a fancy pants maturity model in your hands. Why does this actually matter for you and how can you use it?

Assess where you are now, and what you can do next

The maturity model is the methodology you can use to quickly assess and locate exactly where your competitive program is currently at. With the defining features of each stage clearly outlined, this model provides guidance to help you to self-identify as to where you are now, and what actionable next steps you can take to elevate your program to the next level.

It’s the first, and the only maturity model for competitive enablement

Until now, people have been left to guess what the most important factors are that go into building a game-changing competitive program. There’s been no benchmark for product marketers and competitive leaders to assess success.

It’s developed alongside built by thought leaders and experts 

We collaborated with experts that have actually built competitive programs and advanced them to become a strategic asset to the business. Their input, along with our report data, determined each stage of the maturity model.

The competitive enablement maturity model outlines the different stages of growth for levelling up your competitive program. So, where does yours currently sit?

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