Competitive Enablement

Aligning Competitive Intelligence and Revenue Enablement | Maggie Kullman & Ryan Sexauer, Clari

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Adam is joined by Maggie Kullman, Product Marketing Manager @ Clari, Ryan Sexauer, Revenue Enablement Manager @ Clari, to share how they established a competitive program that proactively supports sales.

In the episode, we also talked about how they tiered out their competitors across different markets, what strategies Maggie used to build a competitive culture at Clari, and the partnership between competitive intelligence and revenue enablement.

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What is ‘The Competitive Enablement Show’?

Welcome to the Competitive Enablement Show. On this podcast, host Adam McQueen is joined by experts in the competitive intelligence industry to talk about innovative strategy, tangible advice and tactics that work, and building a competitive program that impacts the bottom line.

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Competitive Enablement

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