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What Intel Helps Sales Win a Competitive Deal? | Jacob Gebrewold, AE, Klue

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In today’s episode of ‘The Competitive Enablement Show’, Adam is joined by Jacob Gebrewold, Account Executive @ Klue, to share an end-user perspective on the content that sales need to win their next competitive deal.

In this episode, they talk about why features and benefits don’t make a compelling sales pitch, the importance of understanding the competition to tell a compelling story in your messaging, and building trust between product marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales.

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What is ‘The Competitive Enablement Show’?

Welcome to the Competitive Enablement Show. On this podcast, host Adam McQueen is joined by experts in the competitive intelligence industry to talk about innovative strategy, tangible advice and tactics that work, and building a competitive program that impacts the bottom line.

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