Jul 27th 2016

You + Klue = Smart Competitive Intelligence

2 min

When everything is important, nothing is. Smart competitive intelligence knows the difference.

Jul 22nd 2016

Here is how Pokémon Go is a win for Google

2 min

A quick look at how strategic partnerships and a strong long-game helped make Pokémon Go a win for Google.

Jul 19th 2016

Turns out, you can teach an old dog brand new tech

3 min

Here’s why it doesn’t really matter if Pokemon Go has staying power, it’s still a win for Nintendo.

Jul 13th 2016

Pro Webinar: How to Streamline Competitive Intelligence for Product Marketers

< 1 min

Klue is a tool that helps you collect, curate, and distribute competitive intelligence.

Jun 17th 2016

The Best Way to Use LinkedIn for Competitive Intelligence

3 min

The good news is that what you need is out there to find. The bad news is you have to find it. A great place to start is LinkedIn for competitive intelligence.

Jun 8th 2016

3 Ways Google Search Can Help Your Competitive Search Strategy That You Haven’t Thought of

2 min

Quick tips for competitive search strategy from industry leaders. Get the competitive intelligence you need faster.

Jun 3rd 2016

5 Uncomfortable Questions Product Marketers Must Start Asking in Win-Loss Interviews Today

4 min

Get it right. These are the questions every Product Marketer must ask in win-loss interviews.

May 20th 2016

The myth of inimitability: How Under Armour made the most of Nike’s tactical error

4 min

“The game has changed, no question about it…The game evolves.” Larry Bird

May 18th 2016

Common Areas of Friction Uncovered in Win-Loss Analysis

3 min

Win-loss analysis is critical to understanding your sales process from the customer’s point of view. Find out why.