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May 10th 2024

Types of Competitors: Understanding (and beating) Direct and Indirect Competition

5 min

There’s two types of competitors you often face: direct competitors and indirect competitors. Here’s what they are and how you can beat them.

May 7th 2024

Four Ways our Product Marketing Team is Using Klue Insights

3 min

Our product marketing team is drinking our own champagne. Check out the four ways they’re using Klue Insights in their roles today.

Mar 4th 2024

How is Klue Building an AI Foundation for Market, Buyer, and Competitive Insights?

3 min

Product marketers conducting competitive research are drowning in reviews, reports, and messy notes. Here’s how Klue’s AI foundation will help you complete this analysis in seconds, not weeks.

Mar 4th 2024

How Does Klue Integrate with LLMs, and Is It Safe?

3 min

The topic of Large Language Models (LLMs) has a lot of confusion. Here’s what you need to know about how Klue is working with them.

Feb 23rd 2024

Four Reasons why you DON’T Need Klue AI

4 min

If your competitive intel game is too strong for automation, too pure for data privacy, and too rebellious for accuracy — then Klue AI is probably not for you.

Feb 8th 2024

How to Conduct Customer Research and Competitor SWOT Analysis with AI

4 min

Jess Petrella walks through how to speed up two of the most time-consuming tasks: competitor SWOT analysis and customer research.

Feb 6th 2024

The Three Biggest Takeaways from the AI in Competitive Intelligence Report

4 min

We surveyed the Klue community to understand how they’re using AI in competitive intelligence today, and predictions for the future.

Dec 8th 2023

Three Ways CMOs are Succeeding with Competitive Intelligence

4 min

Two CMOs shared how their marketing team is using competitive intelligence to achieve their biggest business objectives.

Oct 10th 2023

Here’s Two Ways Competitors are Actually Impacting your Sales Efficiency

5 min

Revenue leaders are saying that losing winnable deals to the competition is hurting their sales efficiency. We’ve got the data behind why it’s happening, and what you can do about it.

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