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Competitive Intelligence Content: Best of 2019 

December 30, 2019 by Heidi King

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a hot topic these days. Not only with Product Marketers and CI professionals who are responsible for the collection and analysis of competitive intelligence. Demand for more CI is coming from the C-Suite, Sales leaders, and even HR. As stated in a recent Forbes article, “To remain competitive and thrive in the long run, senior management can prepare and solve for both the ‘known-unknown’ as well as the ‘unknown-unknown’.”

It’s clear from the CI content consumed this year that the need to learn more about CI is increasing. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular competitive intelligence content — blog posts, Ebooks, webinars and guides — that were consumed from in 2019. 

Blog Post: Competitive Battlecards 101: Templates to Improve Your Battlecards 

Competitive Battlecards image

As familiar as the New England Patriots are to the Superbowl, so too is the blog post, Competitive Battlecards 101: Templates to Improve Your Battlecards to Klue’s most-read content list. This post is a perennial favorite with our readers because it not only provides a succinct, high-level overview of competitive battlecards but also links to 14 different battlecard templates that you can use right away. 

This post was recently updated to include additional information on the battlecard templates based on feedback from our customers on what techniques are working for their sales team in the field. Keep coming back to this post to refresh your knowledge on competitive battlecards and see what new additions there are to the list. 

Webinar: It’s Battlecards for the Win! 

Battlecards for the Win Webinar image

This webinar-on demand, It’s Battlecards for the Win!  takes the best of what we have learned from working with Product Marketers and CI professionals from all industries around the world and distills it into 45 minutes of must-have video content. The last 15 minutes were reserved for audience Q&A and we still couldn’t get through all the questions. Klue’s VP of Product Marketing, Vincent Lo, leads the interactive session covering:

  • What every competitive battlecard needs to include
  • How to build a framework for battlecard content
  • Tips to avoid getting into ugly feature comparison and pricing deals

Ebook: A Product Marketer’s Guide to Creating Battlecards That Win EBook Cover A Product Marketers Guide to Creating Battlecards That Win

Clearly, there is a hunger for battlecard information. Why? The data doesn’t lie: when companies embrace battlecards, win rates skyrocket. Clear, correct, up-to-date competitive intel that is easily accessible and digestible for your sales team is the difference between scraping by and killing it. 

This Ebook provides a comprehensive guide to competitive battlecards. Part one explains what battlecards are. In part two, we explore the difference between just assembling market research versus building content that your sales team will actually use.

Next, you get into real-life examples of common pitfalls with battlecards and how you can avoid them. Finally, part four shows you the eight things that every battlecard should have…if you want to win. Download the Ebook: A Product Marketer’s Guide to Creating Battlecards That Win

Blog Post: Competitive Intelligence Metrics: A Dashboard to Track Your KPIs 

Competitive Intelligence Metrics: A Dashboard to Track Your KPIs

This post, Competitive Intelligence Metrics: A Dashboard to Track Your KPIs, is a practical guide to help you understand how to align your CI program to revenue. It shows you: 

  • Metrics you need to measure the impact of your competitive content
  • Best practices for the frequency of reporting 
  • How to track the performance of your competitive intelligence program

It even includes a Competitive Intelligence Dashboard Template to help you measure the ROI of your competitive intelligence program.

Blog Post: How to Deposition Your Competition Like a Champ 

Boxing gloves image

Positioning your company as the right choice means knowing who you are up against and enabling your salesperson to deposition your competition. It’s a fight to the end. Winning a sales deal requires your sales team to move with agility on both the offensive and defensive sides. Being able to deposition your competition helps keep them one step ahead the whole time. 

This blog post explores how to successfully answer the question “How are you different from your competitor?” There are simple ways to answer this that will help your reps every time. Read How to Deposition Your Competition Like a Champ to find out how top product marketers use battlecards to help their sales team deposition your competition like a champ. 

The field of Competitive Intelligence is growing rapidly. It is essential to know not only the strengths of your product or brand but how your competition is talking about you. Perception is reality; if your competition gets to your potential customer before you do, they set the view for which how you are seen. Read the best of our 2019 competitive intelligence content to put yourself in the winning position in 2020. 

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