Competitive Enablement

Find Competitive Intelligence Jobs on the Competitive Enablement Jobs Board

Competitive intelligence jobs are in high demand in spite of the current economic uncertainty.

Markets are becoming more competitive. As such companies are looking for competitive intelligence professionals to help them get an edge more than ever before.

Since we spend pretty much all day every day working with some of the best leaders in the compete community, we decided to help connect the dots.

Allow me to introduce the Competitive Enablement Jobs Board.

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Where can I find competitive intelligence jobs postings?

More than 140 companies like Slack, Shopify, and Gong all post their competitive intelligence jobs on the Competitive Enablement Jobs Board.

Head to jobs.klue.com and you’ll land on a page listing the most recent job postings.

You can use the category tags to sort between competitive enablement/intelligence jobs, product marketing, and market intelligence-specific roles.

To hone in on a location near you, or to look for your own desired keywords, use the “Search” and “Location” fields just above the list of jobs.

Click the “apply” button on the right-hand side, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can submit your application.

competitive intelligence jobs

What kinds of jobs are posted on the Competitive Intelligence Jobs Board?

Since compete can live under different departments — and even within different functions — depending on the organizational structure, you’ll see a variety of terms on the jobs board.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

The O.G. of compete roles. Competitive intelligence analysts generally support the competitive intelligence manager in tracking and collecting relevant data in order to draw out competitive insights and advantages.

Competitive Intelligence Manager

A level above competitive intelligence analysts, competitive intelligence managers are often tasked with building and executing on broader strategic goals and strategies. In addition to overseeing the collection and curation of insights done by the competitive intelligence analyst.

Market Intelligence Manager/Analyst

There is a ton of overlap between market intelligence and competitive intelligence. In fact, you’re more likely to see the two paired together as a competitive & market intelligence manager. Generally speaking, market intelligence professionals focus more on macro market factors than specific competitors.

Listen to how Klue’s Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford is building his role in pubic

Competitive Enablement Manager

Where competitive intelligence falls short, competitive enablement brings it all home. Competitive enablement managers are responsible not just for overseeing data collection and curation but turning that data into insights — and then giving their teams the practical tools they need to leverage those insights.

Product Marketing Manager

Traditionally — and in some organizations presently — competitive intelligence falls within the purview of the product marketing manager; on top of owning go-to-market strategy, sales collateral, messaging, positioning, and much, much more. This broad scope of work is why many companies are quickly turning compete into their own discrete function.

What kinds of companies are hiring for competitive intelligence jobs?

There are currently 144 different companies currently hiring competitive intelligence and enablement professionals on the Competitive Enablement Jobs Board.

Ranging from software to cybersecurity, e-commerce, sales enablement and more, there are new companies posting new jobs every week.

So, if you want to look for competitive intelligence jobs at a specific company, just head to the companies page on the Competitive Enablement Jobs Board.

Use the search bar to find companies you’ve got your eye on. Or browse through all companies to see what’s out there.

How do I post competitive intelligence jobs on the competitive enablement jobs board?

Head over to the jobs board and click the purple “Post a Job” button in the top-right corner.

From there, all you need to do is:

  • Make an account and sign in
  • Add your company (if it isn’t there already)
  • Fill out the required details
  • And you’re all set!

It’s completely free and the posting will stay live for 30 days.

Your next high-performing hire awaits you!

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