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Insider Tips for Uncovering Competitor Financial Data
Competitive Enablement

Insider Tips for Uncovering Competitor Financial Data

The very first things that investors, analysts and potential partners want to know about your company have to do with revenue, run rates, net sales, operating income and a bevy of other financial data. They are the best barometer of success and are valued more than most anything else. They are highly regulated and guarded. And they’re exactly what you want to get your hands on when building your competitor profiles.

A simple web search can show you almost everything you want to know about a specific public company. I

nformation on private companies, however, can be much more difficult to find and, if you do find competitor financial data online, there’s no guarantee that it’s accurate. Competitive intelligence is about the collection and analysis of a lot of information from multiple data points.

The internet, your emails, wikis and Slack channels are full of bits and scraps that product marketers and analysts must gather and curate to develop an accurate and holistic understanding of the competitive landscape—the valuable, actionable insights are the sum of many thousands of parts.

I’ve previously offered some basic tips for uncovering competitive intelligence online. Today I’m going further, with some sources for financial intel on your rivals, as well as some clever ways to build a complete competitor profile by putting it all together.

Uncovering competitor financial data on acquisitions, funding and revenue

Crunchbase: An aggregate of useful business information on companies all over the world. Information is submitted by registered public members and subject to review by a moderator before being accepted.
Pros: Includes figures from both public and non-public companies
Cons: Financial intel is limited. They don’t offer much beyond revenue, funding and acquisitions
Best used for: Basic financial information
Is the data reliable?  Yes! I’ve fact checked their numbers dozens of times and found that they are almost always up to date and accurate.

They compile all the important bits you would normally find on a financial statement. Figures can be tracked over time. They also offer handy visualization tools.
Pros: They track nearly everything you would find on a financial statement and you can view trends over time.
Cons: Insights seem to be focused on public companies.
Best used for: In-depth financial intel (Revenue, EPS, Net Income, Dividends, Valuations, etc), Public companies
Is the data reliable? Reliable. Their figures seem to be pulled directly from financial statements, so they are almost always correct

Mattermark: Information from AngelList and Crunchbase, in addition to crawling the web for relevant content. There have been occasions where they have had information that wasn’t available on Crunchbase.
Pros: They compile figures from both public and non-public companies
Cons: You must sign up and actually pay to view some of their more advanced figures
Best used for: Basic financial information (Revenue, funding, acquisitions)
Is the data reliable? Mostly. There have been a few times when their figures weren’t up to date.

VBprofiles & Craft
Pros: They compile figures from both public and non-public companies
Cons: Beyond “funding” information, they don’t display any sort of additional financial intel
Best used for: Funding
Is the data reliable? Mostly.

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Uncovering competitor financial data on pricing

Pricing information is rarely shared on enterprise tech websites, but there are a variety of ways you can find unofficial prices online.

  1. Advanced Google search (Company name + pricing): A fairly obvious solution, yet it sometimes is very effective. It can be as easy as uncovering a price page not listed on the main site navigation, or you may end up in the forums or comments section of an industry site. Unwitting customers sometimes share this intel in blog posts, PDFs and PowerPoints.
  2. G2Crowd, Get App, TrustRadius: These websites compile user reviews for thousands of software products. Search for a particular company on any of these websites. Use the “select all” shortcut key to select all of the text on a particular page, and then the “Find” shortcut key to search through all of the text you’ve selected. Search for “Price,” “Pricing,” or “$.” 

Uncovering competitor financial data on targets and sales

You can accurately estimate rival sales targets and actuals by collecting and combining figures publicly posted on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and other employment-related websites. We worked with one client recently to buildout a near complete analysis of EU sales in 2015 based solely on the LinkedIn profiles of it’s Regional Sales Directors and other accounts team members.

Mistakes are made and things like profit and investor reports can end up in an unsecured section of a website. Charts and tables might not be redacted from public-facing presentations. Customers may post sensitive information publicly without meaning to give anything away. The point is that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to secure every piece of content when the market demands accessibility and transparency. As you work through these sources, tools and tips, remember to test your own exposure. You might be surprised what you find.

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