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Four Ways our Product Marketing Team is Using Klue Insights
Competitive Enablement

Four Ways our Product Marketing Team is Using Klue Insights

At Klue, we’re big on practicing what we preach.

And it is exactly why our product marketing team is all smiles right now.

They’re out there knee-deep in all the tasks that best-in-class product marketing and competitive intel teams need to nail.

And they’re using — yep, you guessed it — Klue to help them do so.

More specifically, they’re using our latest release, Klue Insights.

Rather than talk about the ways you can use Klue Insights, our product marketing team decided that they wanted to show you. Here’s four ways they’re giving us a leg up on the competition.

1. Addressing ankle biter competitors for our revenue teams

Hunter Sones, Competitive Enablement Manager at Klue

If you’re running competitive intelligence in your business, you likely have your core set of competitors.

But then there are a long-tail of competitors that are showing up in your deals (albeit less frequently).

And it can be a challenge to build content on them because:

a) there are so many of them

b) they’re hard to prioritize, and

c) you might not even have any content on them at all.

Then when you inevitably get pinged by a seller on how to deposition them, you might as well write off your day researching and sharing insights back to them.

But by using Klue Insights, I can create content on these competitors quickly.

I look through the strengths and weaknesses that Klue Insights pulls on a competitor from the thousands of reviews out there by users.

Now this is the cool part: I can instantly create a sales battlecard on one of those weaknesses, drop it into the relevant section (areas to attack, for example).

And my sellers can see these weaknesses, and when they click in it will provide:

  • What they need to know
  • What they need to say (talk track)
  • What they need to show (social proof)

AKA our Fact, Impact, Act battlecard framework. And now you’re good to go!

Take Klue Insights for a spin yourself (if you haven’t already)

2. Speeding up the analysis of win-loss interviews

Eric Holland, Product Marketer at Klue

Before coming to Klue, I never had the chance to run a full win-loss program. Why?

Because I had to do it all myself manually.

Right now we are running a cohort of win-loss interviews. I am feeding them into Klue Insights and it is making the analysis process SO much easier.

It’ll automatically share competitor (or our own) strengths and weaknesses instantly.

The cool thing that it also does is cross-reference between win-loss strengths and weaknesses from these interviews alongside what buyers are saying in online reviews. (note that that the win-loss interviews hold greater weight, obviously).

Saving all of this time on analysis and provided clear ‘so, what’ from all of this data saves me a ton of time and resources, and then allows me to push these to our go-to-market teams in a consumable and actionable way.

3. Getting social proof for revenue teams

Suman Melville, Customer Marketing at Klue

We all know how powerful customer advocacy is in deal support, advisory, references, referrals, content.

For us, nearly 50% of our deals won last year included a customer reference (meaning a customer was asked to speak to buyer before deal closed). 

One thing I’ve noticed is that future advocates start raising their hand pretty early on.

They are the ones who give you good reviews without asking, comments on your posts, product feedback, go to your events. 

Find and keep tabs on these people.

This is where I use Klue Insights — to quickly find our loudest advocates, and what they are specifically singing our praises about. Now I can build a relationship, and have specificity on where their support can help our revenue teams most.

4. Tightening our competitive positioning

Cody Bernard, Director of Product Marketing at Klue

I’m one month into the role here at Klue, and one of my first jobs is to tighten our positioning.

And what better source to anchor our positioning than our own buyers!

It’s actually nice to be new as I don’t have as many internal biases, and instead can turn to Klue Insights to give me an instant view into where our buyer’s think we play well and where we need to improve.

In the example, I’m pulling from mock buyer interviews and reviews for ZoomInfo — but these findings can guide me in the areas that I can directly control, like our positioning, as well as business decisions that I can help inform, like product development.

Bring your buyer’s voice into your product marketing work

We’ve shared just a handful of some of the very specific ways that our product marketing team are using Klue Insights.

In short, they’re getting to the ‘so, what’ through a looooottt of data so that they can get to strategic tasks on their list.

They’re bringing the buyer’s voice into the work they’re doing — from enablement, to positioning, to win-loss research.

If you want to take a look at what you can do with Klue Insights, take it for a spin yourself.

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