Introducing the Competitive Battlecards Video Series

You’ve seen generic battlecard templates. You’ve endured long, boring webinars. 

Tools and templates that provide you with a surface-level understanding of battlecards and nothing more.

Well, we’re here to announce we’ve created the exact opposite of that. 

Introducing Competitive Battlecards 101 Course. A nine-episode video series that shows you all you need to build better battlecards. 

From theory, methodology and best practices, to intel collection and building the cards you need to win more deals, we put it all together in one free course. 

Here’s a look at what you can expect.

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Expert Battlecard Builders

This is not learning from a textbook. This course is all about giving you a front-row seat to the experts who build battlecards every single day. 

  • Experts from Klue’s insights, CSM, enablement and sales teams bring you their best practices on what makes a great competitive battlecard and how to build it. 
  • Klue customers like Dustin Ray from Datto, Jenny Sung from Algolia and Chris Agnoli from Juniper Networks give you the straight goods from their point of view. 
  • The best compete and product marketing experts in the industry like Andy McCotter-Bickell and Alex McDonnell tell you the biggest mistakes they made and how to avoid them. 

No Ivory Tower here, just expert insights from the experts themselves. 

The Theory of Everything (Battlecards)

You have to crawl before you walk. That’s why the series’ first two videos are all about building the foundation of knowledge you need to build better battlecards. 

Watch as our experts take you through all the important considerations you need to have in mind when building battlecards. Concepts like:

  • Telling a story and not making a point
  • Keeping your battlecards up to date
  • And never building a battlecard for the sake of it

The Methodology of Everything

Sourcing the best competitive content, structuring it in a powerful way, and getting organizational buy-in are three crucial elements that underpin everything having to do with your battlecards. 

We’ll show you where to find intel, how to source internally, and how to put it all together. 

How to build them

We go deep into four battlecard topics that come up over and over again with our customers:

  • Objection Handling
  • Why We Win
  • Pricing
  • How to Spot them

The experts show you the best practices that determine whether these cards pop or peter out. 

Bonus resources

Get access to even more great battlecard resources when you signup for the video series. 

Templates, videos, blogs and everything else you need to build better battlecards. 

Start watching!

Sign up for this FREE video series and start boosting your battlecards today. 

Let us know what you think — and keep your eye out for even more great video series and courses in the very near future. 

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