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Introducing Triage Mode: Your Fast Track to Competitive Insights
Product Updates

Introducing Triage Mode: Your Fast Track to Competitive Insights

With the release of Triage Mode, Klue customers can now save hours of intel review each week, giving you more time to focus on enabling their organizations with competitive insights. 

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We’ve worked with hundreds of competitive teams, and the one thing you all have in common is a unique, in-depth understanding of your competitive landscape. 

After all, that’s the first step to enabling your company with competitive insights and content. 

That’s why we invested early in building a platform that not only collects competitive intel, but uses machine learning and AI to eliminate 87% of the noise, making it easier for you to get to the most relevant intel. 

But even the best algorithms can’t replace you, the expert, when it comes to deciding what’s most important and worth taking action on. 

Your daily review process is a critical step on the path to uncovering competitive insights, so we wanted to find a way to help you do that faster. To give you more time to focus on competitive analysis, building content, and enabling your teams to win. 

That’s why I’m excited to release the latest version of Klue Alerts. 

Introducing Triage Mode

This is part of a broader update to our Alerts functionality within Klue, all focused around making it more efficient to review and process competitive intel.

However, the clear favorite feature among all of our early access users is Triage Mode. It’s the fastest way to review and prioritize competitive intel. Period. 

It makes it a one-click process. (And arguably the most fun you’ll ever have figuring out what your competitors are up to.) 


Triage Mode makes it easy to review new intel in minutes each day, so you can spend more time working on the competitive insights that matter.

brad lawless movista triage mode

So how does Triage Mode work?

Here’s a quick tour:

Triage Mode puts you into a focus view where you review one alert at a time. From there, with one click, you can sort them into one of four categories depending on their priority and any further action you want to take

Click here to learn more about the Triage workflow.

Our most effective users use Triage Mode every day to sort their new intel as quickly as possible. Like brushing your teeth, this is a morning ritual you don’t want to miss.

From there you can move into your Working state where all of your Interesting and Important intel items will be prioritized and waiting for you to act on. 


With Triage Mode, we’re bringing the first productivity workflows to competitive enablement, allowing you to work faster and stay on top of your market in just a matter of minutes each day.

What else is new in Klue Alerts?

Searchable Repository

Klue Alerts is now also a searchable repository of competitive intel that you can use for competitive analysis and deep dive research. Every alert we collect is automatically tagged and saved, making it easy to find later. 

Alerts are also now designed to provide more context at a glance, allowing you to quickly see tags, related boards, and any “Why it Matters” copy that’s been added. 

That means you’re not just searching through raw intel, but a curated repository with valuable context. 

Triage Mode Klue

My New Intel 

Each curator now has their own personalized view when they log into Klue Alerts. This is customized to only show you new intel related to the specific competitors you care about. 

Working on a team with multiple curators? It’s now easier to keep your work separate. 

Are you mostly concerned with a few top-tier competitors? You can prioritize their intel first. 

With Triage Mode and the new Klue Alerts, we’re putting YOU in charge. And making it a whole lot easier to be the competitive expert within your organization. 

Want to learn more? 

Book a demo below to learn more about Triage Mode. 

Already a Klue customer, get in touch with your CSM to learn how you can get the most out of Klue Alerts. 

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