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G2 Ranks Klue the Leader in Competitive Intelligence Tools

Fall is here. And although the leaves are changing colour and the air is getting colder, one thing remains the same.

Klue crushing the latest G2 Report.

That’s because Klue crushes where it counts and takes the #1 spot on the list of Competitive Intelligence Tools based on real-life user satisfaction scores. 

So, what does this mean for you?

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Klue named to G2’s ‘Fastest Growing’ list

Klue is the only competitive platform to be named on the ‘Fastest Growing’ list because of two reasons: 

Customer Satisfaction. And momentum.

Our team is growing, our product is growing, our customers are growing, and most importantly, their satisfaction is growing. This deadly combo has earned us the title Momentum Leader.

That momentum means we move fast, iterate faster, and have a growing fanbase of product marketers and sales reps who look to Klue when they need to win.

Klue is the highest rated competitive intelligence platform in the market 

In G2’s most recent Fall 2021 Report, Klue is the only company to be named a leader in BOTH Competitive Intelligence and Sales Enablement. The report also recognized us for serving enterprise and mid-market businesses in four different categories, for a total of 28 badges that include:

  • The highest-rated Competitive Intelligence platform on the market.
  • The Competitive Intelligence platform users are most likely to recommend.
  • The Competitive Intelligence platform with the best usability.
  • The platform that is easiest to do business with for enterprise clients.
  • The best platform for building competitive battlecards.

All scores are calculated using G2’s algorithms. You can find the full details on how they are determined here.

Where Klue crushes

G2 has handed out a lot of badges to us, so we’ll cut to the chase: here are three areas where we crush our competition and will help you crush yours.

Ease of use

A lot of promises get made in the sales cycle. This score measures how easy it is to actually use the platform, according to the people who actually use it.


All the intel in the world means nothing if sales reps don’t use it. Better battlecards are the ones that will win YOU more deals, ours are the best.

Centralized platform

Single. Source. Of. Truth. This scores shows which platform is best at centralizing intel from across the org, and frankly makes everyone’s life easier.

Find out why Klue is the  #1 ranked competitive platform.

Numbers are great, but what does this mean for you? Check out everything you need to know when picking a competitive platform with Klue’s very-own G2 Report.

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