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Three Things You Missed From Klue Quarterly
Product Updates

Three Things You Missed From Klue Quarterly

If you missed Klue’s latest Quarterly event — we’re not mad, just disappointed.

Rather than scorn you like an overbearing parent, we’ve wrapped up three of the biggest things that you missed.

Take a look below to see what new features have been added, where the product is headed, and how to get the most out of Klue today.

(P.S. if we’ve guilt tripped you hard enough, you can catch all of the recordings here.)

1. Deeper and faster competitive insights with your buyer and AI

Our product team have been laser-focused on two things:

  1. Unlocking even more competitive insights directly from your buyer
  2. Help competitive intelligence teams get to the ‘so, what?’ from mountains of data more efficiently

With that in mind, the team walked through new releases that help with both.

Firstly, our Gong integration, which now pulls all competitor mentions and conversations from Gong into a simple dashboard to view in Klue.

No more setting up Gong trackers and getting noise filling your inbox — our integration shows what competitors buyers are mentioning in calls, when they’re being brought up in the deal, and brings in every relevant snippet from the call.

We’re also adding even more to our win-loss product for customers. For folks that conduct their own interviews, you’ll be able to BYOT (bring your own transcript) into Klue.

With your transcripts in Klue, our AI-engine — AKA Klue Insights — can work its magic to find trends, competitor weaknesses, and combine with other competitive intel sources in Klue to create even richer insights.

2. A look at what we’re cooking up for the rest of 2024

Although we’re excited about what customers can use today in Klue to keep their teams ahead of the competition, we couldn’t help but share what else we’re working on — which is all based on feedback from our customers.

Our VP Product, Tamara Schebel, shared a few of the main priorities our customers can expect:

  1. Automated insights valued by sellers, without the burden placed on Compete teams to create themselves manually. This means chatbot functionality for your reps based on your compete knowledge inside of Klue.
  2. Speeding up content creation for customers, for things like building battlecards and competitive intelligence newsletters from scratch.
  3. Creating an always-on stream of buyer insights from your win-loss programs

Catch our ‘latest releases’ session here.

3. ‘How to’ walkthroughs of the most important competitive intel workflows

A few of our resident experts that live in Klue every day shared some ‘how to’ tutorials for using Klue.

If you’re looking for clear, tactical guides that walk through some of your important workflows, look no further:

  1. How to speed up competitor analysis and still deliver intel your team can trust
  2. How to communicate more effectively by building Intel Digests your team will crave
  3. How to better enable your reps with the intel they need, when and where they need it
  4. How to report on the success and adoption of your Compete program

Keep ahead of the competition with Klue

If you couldn’t make our quarterly celebration, then you missed out on a lot.

But, we’re not precious over here. We want you to see what’s new and what’s coming next so that product marketers and Compete teams can be a driving force that leads your business to even more wins over the competition.

To keep in the loop, check out everything from Klue Quarterly here.

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