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Level Up Your Compete Program With Klue and Salesforce
Competitive Enablement

Level Up Your Compete Program With Klue and Salesforce

At Klue, we know staying ahead is easier said than done. Making decisions isn’t easy.

And making decisions based on assumptions or disparate data is a cautionary tale as old as time. 

So when you’re able to pair Klue with one of the best – although probably a bit dirty – data sources like Salesforce, you can navigate your market with more confidence and clarity than ever before.

That’s because you’ll know which competitors you should be prioritizing, you’ll be enabling your reps to consume and use more of your competitive intel in their deals, and ultimately, you’ll be able to measure your program’s impact on revenue. 

Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect by integrating Klue and Salesforce.

Identify competitive threats in your pipeline

Competitor threats mapped with Klue's Salesforce integration

Knowing which of your competitors are popping up in deals is important to get ahead of anything that might put an opportunity at risk. Hey, even flagging ankle biters that are starting to emerge in deals is equally as important to mitigating future risk. 

Klue’s Threat Analysis gives you insight into exactly that. So regardless of your situation, you’re able to keep a constant pulse on how your competitive landscape is changing over time so you can always enable your team with what they need to win.

Drive higher adoption from your sales team

Klue battlecard button in Salesforce

Salespeople want easier access to competitive intel. In Salesforce’s State of Sales Report, the results show that researching competitive activity is the second biggest time-waster for sales reps. And we’ve found in our own research that nearly four of five sales reps said they’re doing their own research on competitors. 

With Klue and Salesforce working together, reps will be prompted to mention when a competitor is present in a deal. When this happens, your reps will get immediate access to your competitive battlecards on that competitor with the Klue Battlecard Button. And even more importantly, you’ll get cleaner, more accurate data in your CRM that can be used for reporting and better decision making.

Impact revenue growth for your business


Tangible results matter, and tying your compete program to revenue will ensure you always have a seat at the table. But how exactly do you do it? One way is by looking at sales rep performance among those using your competitive content versus those that aren’t. 

For example, let’s say that reps who used your battlecards won 45% of their deals, but reps that didn’t only won 36% of theirs. Sure, a rep not using your battlecards being 9% less likely to close deals seems somewhat significant.

But how much does that impact revenue over an entire year if your reps have 55 competitive deals per quarter and your average deal size is $200,000? By measuring the performance of sales reps using competitive intel against those who don’t, you can attribute $3,960,000 of lost revenue to teams not turning to competitive intelligence during a deal.

That’s the competitive revenue gap you can look at closing.

In today’s competitive environment, success hinges on your ability to navigate uncertainty with confidence and clarity. By integrating Klue with Salesforce, you unlock a world of data-driven insights and workflows that help put you on the path to success.

Connecting Klue and Salesforce only takes minutes – here’s a help doc to get started. If you want to learn more, reach out to your CSM today.

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