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Competitive Battlecards 101: Preemptive Advantage Sales Battlecard Template

August 27, 2018 by Carly Paracholski

Preemptive Advantage Sales Battlecard Template-01

This week’s featured card in our Competitive Battlecard 101 series is the Preemptive Advantage Sales Battlecard Template. As always the goal of this series is to help enable your Sales team to close more deals, by providing insights on how to better utilize and create competitive sales battlecards.

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The Preemptive Advantage Sales Battlecard

The Preemptive Advantage sales battlecard is a way to help your Sales team eliminate the competition before they are even brought in the conversation. This is done through a series of questions, and statements that will help your Sales team set the lens by which the prospect will view your competitors. This filter should highlight how unique your company is and how beneficial your specific offerings are. The end goal is to differentiate your company from everything else that is on the market and to put yourself on a pedestal from the get-go.

Set up is key to successfully gaining a preemptive advantage over your competition. So, as a result we have outlined the key points to focus on when building this sales battlecard.

Preemptive Advantage Sales Battlecard Template

What to Focus On

  • Don’t create confrontation between you and your competitor. Instead, focus on uncovering weaknesses through conversation.
  • Always lean the conversation towards your advantages. This should happen even before a competitor is even in the picture.
  • Backup your claims with solid information. Do your research and be prepared.

How to Start Building Your Preemptive Advantage Sales Battlecard

When starting to build your own Preemptive Advantage  Sales Battlecard the key thing to first focus on is creating positive dialogue that can set yourself apart from the competition. It shouldn’t matter which competitor you are up again if your Sales team can deposition their selling points prior to the prospect even hearing their pitch.

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Competitive Battlecards 101: Sales Battlecard templates and examples