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Release Notes 01.27.17

January 27, 2017 by Klue

Release Notes 01.27.17

What’s New

  • The Klue Guide: an access hub for Klue’s knowledge resources. Maybe you are new to Klue, maybe that’s just what you’ve been telling everyone. Regardless, this is the place to get the answers you need. (view)
  • Profile comments: They’re heeere. ??   This was a much-requested feature that we are excited to announce has landed. We even made our own profile comment about profile comments. So meta.
  • Domain management: Look, we get it: sometimes one domain just isn’t enough. We’re not judging. With the new domain manager tool, you can add/remove company domains with ease – even in bulk – which, again, we’re not judging.
  • In-profile search now show results highlighted in yellow for better visibility. Just like on paper.

What We Fixed

  • Improved error messages for connectivity issues. We’ll try to tell you when you’re offline vs when we’re offline.
  • Server performance: we added some more horsepower to the Klue engine for a speedier overall experience.

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