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Introducing Win-Loss Battlecards Powered by Klue and Salesforce

The best competitive enablement programs are a collaborative effort. It’s not one person’s responsibility to deliver competitive insights. 

As a competitive expert, you’re constantly getting hammered with ad hoc questions and requests for deal support, not to mention a million other responsibilities. 

But reps need help, and they don’t always have someone to turn to in a moment’s notice. 

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That’s why peer-to-peer coaching can be a powerful addition to your competitive enablement program. There is so much potential for collaboration across your sales team on how to best approach competitive deals — what strategies help us win and what mistakes make us lose.

Here are just some of the benefits of peer-to-peer competitive coaching:

  • It’s instantaneous — team members can share valuable strategies and influence behavior in real time, without having to tap product marketing or sales managers. 
  • Reps learn faster — junior reps know where to turn for advice, allowing them to find answers quickly.
  • It’s relevant, useful, and sticky – when reps help each other solve problems they’re facing at the moment, feedback is applied immediately.
  • It takes pressure off you, the competitive enabler – You’re stretched thin enough. This creates an environment where reps can help themselves and reduce ah-hoc requests. 

Increase Peer-to-Peer Competitive Coaching With Win-Loss Cards

So how does Klue help facilitate peer-to-peer coaching across your sales team?

Here’s one way. We call them Win/Loss Cards. 

With Klue’s Salesforce Integration, you can now create Data Cards in Klue that automatically report on your competitive wins and losses in real-time.

You can determine what fields from each opportunity you want to pull in, like:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Opportunity Owner
  • Win/Loss Reason
  • Win/Loss Notes 
  • Any other information you deem valuable to your team

Through these cards, you are essentially creating an internal map of who on your team is winning and losing deals against a competitor, and why. 

You also import win-loss notes, allowing you to highlight valuable context and insights provided by sellers. It could be that you lost because a competitor discounted heavily or that you won because the competition didn’t meet a specific compliance requirement. 

This context gives reps a live view of the competition’s playbook and shortcomings. It’s also updating in real-time so your team can always know who among their peers can help. 

And these cards can live right within your competitive battlecards, adding a live win-loss component alongside your latest competitive insights.

Salesforce and Klue Win-Loss Battlecard

Not Every Deal Matters to Everyone — So Filter Your Cards

You can also build multiple Win-Loss Cards and filter each one to tell a different story. 

You may want to only see deals that:

  • Made it to a particular point in the sales cycle
  • Evaluated a particular product
  • Come from a specific geographic region, industry, or market segment

If you support multiple sales teams based on product, region, industry, or segment, you can tailor a card specifically to them. They can easily zero in on deals that are relevant to their own.

Enable More Than Just Your Sales Team with Klue’s Salesforce Integration

Win-Loss Cards are useful for more than just enabling sales reps. Multiple departments across your company can benefit from win-loss insights and a map of who to turn to for additional context. 

For example, you can enable product teams with win-loss reports that are specific to their product line and provide executive teams with dashboards that break out your win-loss into multiple contextual views.

These cards help support a light-weight win-loss program throughout your company. 

Interested in learning more about Win-Loss Cards or Klue’s Salesforce integration? Book a demo of Klue or contact your Klue CSM for more information.

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