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 ⚒️ 3 Ways CoachHub is Building a Culture of Compete ⚒️

coachhub anthony fritsch

It was 107℉ in Berlin at the time of recording.

But CoachHub’s Global Head of Sales Enablement Anthony Fritsch kept it cool, calm and collected throughout. 

What else would you expect from a compete pro that spent 8 years at Google leading and enabling high-performing sales teams? 

Now at CoachHub, Anthony is charged with enabling a global workforce with the insights they need to beat the competition. 

And we do mean the entire workforce.

To get there, Anthony needs to build a culture of compete.

Here are three ways he’s making that happen:

1️⃣ – Buy the right tools, but only the bare minimum you need to be successful.

“The first vendor we partnered with was Seismic and Lessonly to have content in one place.”

2️⃣ – Build and deliver a strong sales onboarding experience. 

“We have the ambition to create the best sales onboarding experience for our leaders, our executives and our CSMs.”

3️⃣ – Develop continuous learning and enablement experiences.

“Now we have a strong product certification that is almost like our flagship program when it comes to knowledge and the application of knowledge.”

Anthony also answers questions like:

  • How he measures his team’s success
  • Why enabling sales teams first is always the best course of action
  • And what were some of the biggest lessons he learned from his time at Google.

You can watch, listen and read the three biggest takeaways from the interview on our podcast page

Berlin’s heatwave may be over. But this interview is piping hot. 

Check out the latest episode of the Competitive Enablement Show here.

 It’s Hard to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future 

With HBO Max surreptitiously removing movies and series from its content library, Volkwagen firing its CEO, and Apple dealing with internal turmoil, it felt like a perfect time to resurface our occasional VERSUS Series. 

Adam and I take turns diving into how some of the biggest brands have battled against their biggest competitors.

We take our research, put it together in written form, and record it for the Competitive Enablement Show. 

Check out the links below to read or listen to all four installments of the VERSUS series.

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👭 Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👭

Shorter. More concise. Faster. Quicker. 

These are the mantras of how to write in the digital age. 

But is that the way every single reader wants to consume information? 

I doubt it. 

Klue’s Jason Oakley breaks it down a different way. 

Some readers are Skimmers, some are Dippers, and some are Divers. 

Check out his LinkedIn post to learn more 👇

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