Competitor Claims, Winning all the time, Building a Compete Program in 30 days

✅ Crafting Competitor Claims ✅

competitor claims

“You need your customers to trust you. If you’re running around saying something that’s egregiously false…you’re going to look pretty silly..”

Outdated claims erode confidence in your brand, your product, and your company. 

And whether they’re claims that once were true but no longer are, or claims that are downright false, both have a similarly negative impact on your brand. 

That’s why Postscript’s Mindy Regnell does her due diligence on every single claim she puts out from inception to rollout. 

(And by due diligence we mean one time she wrote 15-16 pages of supporting documentation for a single line in a press release.)

Not only does her process help thoroughly vet each claim to decide if it’s worth pursuing or not, it makes her a fan-favourite with Postscript’s legal team.

You know, the team that has to deal with any lawsuits resulting from claims you’ve made about a competitor. 

“If you have to retroactively go back and prove [a claim], it’s really hard to do…it’s a scramble. It’s stressful. It’s a lot of last minute pressure as opposed to, Hey, I’ve got all my ducks in a row, I’ve documented it. Here’s my little folder that has all my backup, all the logic.”

Of course, the odds of your company being sued depends on factors like how litigious your competitors are, and how bold your claim is.

But as long as you can show your thought process from A to Z, if and when that day comes where you have to lawyer-up, you can make everyone’s lives a lot easier by following Mindy’s lead. 

For a deeper look and listen into how Mindy became the queen of competitive claims, check out the recap of her appearance on the Competitive Enablement Show on our podcast page

🎢 We Know How to Win 🎢

Klue Playland Skit

“Whether it’s in a competitive deal, or at the ring toss stand…”

We care a lot about winning here at Klue. 

Helping our customers win out over their competitors. 

Winning the Competitive Enablement category.

Producing the best videos for social media. 

(Writing the best newsletter 😏)

It all comes down to Will Ferrel’s over-quoted yet ever-relevant mantra from Talledega Nights: If you ain’t first, you’re last. 

And speaking of producing the best videos for social media…my incredibly talented colleague Grayson outdid himself again. 

All it took was a video camera, some gumption, and a $300 budget for stuffed animals. 

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video here

And make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to catch every one of our skits, shorts, and reels. 

🔥 Building a Compete Program (in 30 days!) 🔥

Andrew McCotter-Bicknell

As much as we’d love to magically create and promote the “4-minute-abs” equivalent of building a competitive enablement program, it’s not in our product pipeline just yet. 

That said, Competitive Intelligence expert — and friend of the Competitive Enablement Show — Andrew McCotter-Bicknell wrote a killer LinkedIn post laying out his best advice for getting a Competitive Enablement program off the ground in 30 days. 

His advice? We’ll call them the “Three Gets“:

  • Get started — formulate a strategy and scope out your program
  • Get educated — build partnerships with cross-functional partners
  • Get involved — share your findings and progress with colleagues 

And the Three Stops:

  • Stop questioning what’s worth your time
  • Stop guessing what insights your team needs
  • Stop getting overwhelmed by competitor activity. 

If you’re not already following Andrew on LinkedIn, you really should be. His feed is a wealth of knowledge for Competitive Experts and Product Marketers alike. 

And if you want even MORE Andrew McCotter-Bicknell content, keep your eyes on the Competitive Enablement Show feed next week for a brand new episode featuring the man, the myth, the legend himself. 

Adam and Andrew dive into his first 90 days at ClickUp and what he did, and continues to do, to make his program one of the best in the biz. 

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