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A Trusted Ally | Competing Org-Wide | Old-School Ads

 👯Your Product Team’s Closest Ally 👯

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Molly Gallaher Boddy wants to be her product team’s closest ally.

A trusted advisor and consultant who supports, pushes the envelope, and lightens the workload for product managers and product marketing managers alike. 

A former senior competitive intelligence manager at Datto, Molly joined the Competitive Enablement Show to share the three ways she supports her product teams — especially during launches. 

1️⃣ Positioning, pricing and packaging

  • Look at the current market landscape and how your competitors are positioning themselves within it. 
  • Share that information in the form of feature-comparison charts.
  • Advise the team on how they can push the envelope and forge a new competitive advantage.

2️⃣ Create product-specific competitive intel newsletters

  • Embed yourself with product teams to understand what intel matters most to them.
  • Curate and distribute the news yourself — don’t outsource it to a junior analyst. 
  • Use the newsletter to link back to your central source of truth so your readers know where to look for more info.

3️⃣ Build product-specific battlecards

  • Build feature-comparison charts for top competitors — especially those targeting the same ICP.
  • Use third-party analysts to source and validate competitive intel. 
  • Include content related to broader market trends and themes.

All great compete programs start by enabling sales.

But Molly and her former team at Datto are clear examples of achieving org-wide enablement. 

Listen to the full episode and read the episode recap here. 

⭕️ Save Your Spot in the Winner’s Circle ⭕️
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Speaking of competing org-wide…

The Compete Network is hosting the first-ever Winner’s Circle event on September 28th! 

Hosted by the PMC’s Rowan Noronha, the Winner’s Circle will feature:

  • Six 20-minute sessions led by CI pros from Slack, Salesforce, ClickUp and more. 
  • Live roundtable Q&As with each speaker immediately after their session
  • 1:1 connections with other attendees via our community platform

Registration is now open and the registrants are flooding in.

The hype is so palpable that Grayson and I hit the streets of downtown Vancouver to feed off the energy. 

Check out this video and feel the energy for yourself

👬 Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👭

A little nostalgia and ad inspiration for you in today’s Coffee & Compete Community Corner. 

Check out Andy’s post for eight outstandingly excellent examples of advertising from the past. 

The mediums may have changed. But good messaging in 1950 and good messaging in 2022 look awfully similar…


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