Valentines Day Heartache, Expert Objection Handling, Competitive Confidence

🧑‍💻 Building Competitive Comparison Pages 🧑‍💻

Win-loss analysis is as much about celebrating the wins as it is learning from the losses. 

But we all know that in business, as in love, it’s the losses that hurt the most. 

While we offer precisely 0 advice to help you in your love life, we do have a ton of great win-loss analysis resources for you. 

Download our Guide to Conducting Competitive Win-Loss Interviews produced in collaboration with DoubleCheck Research

The guide features:

  • 4 secrets to conducting an interview that generates the most competitive insights.
  • 10 sections that guide your interviews and when to introduce them.
  • 50+ questions that you can take for your next win-loss call. Today.

And if that’s not enough, check out these 31 Win-Loss Questions and learn about the 7 Components of a Successful Win-Loss Program

🤨 But What is Objection Handling in Sales, Really 🤨

What is objection handling

Sometimes we get philosophical at Klue.

I interviewed 7 of Klue’s top sellers to get their hot takes on:

  • What objection handling means to them
  • The craziest objection they’ve ever heard
  • Their best pieces of objection handling advice.

And boy, did they dish some hot takes!

Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“Objection handling is the equivalent of Judo in martial arts for sales. It’s not necessarily about throwing a punch, it’s about leveraging other people’s force and redirecting” – Pablo Landa

“It’s being able to understand the prospect’s needs and effectively communicating the value you can provide.” – Sophie Jurus

“I think an objection is actually just an opportunity to have a really cool conversation to explore all perspectives.” – Olivia Datta

All seven arrived at the same definition: 

Objection handling is all about digging past the surface-level objections a prospect/buyer might have to unearth the real reason behind their hesitations.

And once you understand what’s holding them back, you can start solving problems.

And start winning more deals!

Check out more of their answers on our blog!

🤔 Is Seller Confidence THE Most Important KPI for CE? 🤔

competitive enablement kpi

One of the marketing team’s biggest priorities this year? 

Build. In. Public. 

That’s why the Competitive Enablement Show is excited to introduce the very first episode in our recurring series Brandon Builds a Competitive Enablement Program. 

Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford will be joining us on a regular basis to show off everything he’s doing to build a Competitive Enablement Program at a Competitive Enablement Company. 

(Very meta, we know) 

This week, Brandon Builds a Seller Confidence Survey

Listen to the full episode to hear why he decided the survey was the right starting point, his goals and how he crafted the questions, and the biggest surprises from his initial findings. 

Want a sneak peek of the findings? Here it is:

Sales crave real-life examples and multi-media in their battlecards.

“Putting in dynamic content, real Gong snippets of the top rep using those talk tracks, is going to be really powerful. And I think it will absolutely drive adoption in the long run.”

Listen and subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts. 

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