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Your Sunday Ritual

Oct 9th 2023

The Best Sales Enablement Mechanisms | Revenue Efficiency | A Bittersweet Goodbye

2 min

👀 Know your sales org inside and out 👀 Sophos has a sales force of more than one thousand sellers and support staff — […]

Oct 1st 2023

Execs’ Number One Compete Mistake | Three Content Creation Tips | Community Love

3 min

🪨 The only constant is change 🪨 When was the last time you were in a strategy meeting and heard, ‘Let’s just keep things […]

Sep 17th 2023

Updating Your Battlecards | Compete Confidential (CE LIVE) | Shoulda Done It

2 min

🃏 How often should you update your battlecards?🃏 HubSpot has a handful of major, direct competitors. They also have a dizzying amount of tier-2 […]

Sep 10th 2023

How B2B Sales Has Changed Over Time | GenAI Disruption | Value Selling

3 min

🦖 Going the way of the dinosaurs 🦖 In some ways, selling in 2023 is the same it was in 1993. It’s about relationships, […]

Sep 3rd 2023

Brand Building via Your Competitive Intel Newsletter | CE LIVE | Hot Takes

4 min

🎓 Three things I learned about competitive intel newsletters 1️⃣ Make it sound conversational 1️⃣ A career in the enterprise has given Penny’s writing […]

Aug 27th 2023

Son of a Fisherman | Competitive Revenue Analytics | PMM Tools

3 min

He grew up the son of a fisherman in towns all over the Gulf Coast, for no more than three months at a time, […]

Aug 20th 2023

Three Things About Competitive Intel Newsletters | Compete Confidential

4 min

  Collaboration makes the dream work. That’s how the expression, right? Anyway, I got to do some serious collaborating over the past four weeks […]

Aug 13th 2023

Fostering Competitive Friction | Klue By the Numbers II | No PMM is an Island

3 min

 ⚡️ Breeding Positive Friction in the Org⚡️ Success in product marketing, competitive intelligence and competitive enablement is all about building relationships.  You build relationships through trust. And you […]

Aug 6th 2023

5 Things Keeping Compete Pros Up at Night | Battlecard GTM

3 min

Compete pros and product marketers are some of the hardest-working people you’ll ever meet. Always pushing for excellence and striving for perfection. But since […]

Jul 30th 2023

Product & Compete Working Together | Supporting Product Launches with Competitive Intelligence

3 min

All roads lead to product.  Good marketing amplifies. Good sellers seal the deal. Good CSMs keep customers for life.  But if it’s all built […]

Jul 23rd 2023

Jason Smith on B2B Revenue Leaders | Winning as Women Season 2 Premiere

3 min

We celebrated AI Day at Klue this week.  We cleared our calendars and dove into the myriad AI tools out there to learn how […]

Jul 16th 2023

FIA Battlecard Framework | Outcompeting the Competition with Mayur Palta | Prime Day

3 min

We’re barely two weeks into it and the jury’s still out on Threads vs Twitter. If you caught last week’s edition, you’ll know I’m […]

Jul 9th 2023

Unravelling Twitters and Threads | Enabling CSMs with Compete Content | Simple Messaging

4 min

I strongly believe there should be less social media and not more. I also resist buying into fads at all costs.  I betrayed both […]

Jun 25th 2023

Gong Leans into the Last Mover Advantage | AI Prompts and Win-Loss | Palo Alto Job Opp

4 min

Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s character in Talladega Nights, had one simple mantra: if you ain’t first you’re last.  Later in the movie, however, he […]

Jun 18th 2023

Lies and the Lying CEOs That Tell Them | Compete Regrets | People Enablement

3 min

Lying is bad. When you’re the CEO of a publicly traded company, lying is illegal.  That doesn’t always stop them from doing it though…  […]

Jun 11th 2023

Win-loss Wins on a Shoestring Budget | Inside the Competitor’s Mindset | Messaging 101

4 min

Pretending you’re not paying attention to competitors is dumb.  Sorry, but it’s true.  When leaders say all they’re focused on is themselves and not […]

Jun 4th 2023

Why Ad Hoc Win-Loss Programs Fail Hard | Curated Compete Content from the Vault | Salary Survey

3 min

🚫 Why Ad-Hoc Win-Loss Programs Fail 🚫 Conveying the value of win-loss insights to executives isn’t the hard part. It’s getting organizational buy-in to […]

May 28th 2023

Competitive Marketing 101 | Is Seller Intel Reliable? | Netflix Catastrophe

4 min

If you’re not using sellers as a source of win-loss intel you’re doing it all wrong.  Of course, if you’re ONLY using sellers you’re […]

May 21st 2023

Winning Your (Un)Fair Share of Deals | Win-Loss AI Prompts | Fertile Ground

4 min

“Find the inherent weakness in your competitor’s strength.” Spend too much time harping on weaknesses and you’ll quickly find yourself up Poop’s Creek without […]

May 14th 2023

Salesforce VP of Competitive Intelligence | 9 Battlecard Building Tips | Learning to Say No

3 min

🎥 Keeping focused and making an impact 🎥 🔍 Sometimes you need to show people how bad things are for them to change 🔎 […]

May 7th 2023

Three companies that crossed the ethical line | Compete DNA across the org | Elite PMMs

4 min

Last year we marched into Minneapolis for SCIP IntelliCon 2022. We interviewed 12 compete pros and turned them into our Klue LIVE at IntelliCon […]

Apr 30th 2023

Competing in an insanely competitive market | Win-Loss Analysis Resources | Objection Handling

3 min

The 30-thousand-foot view versus getting in the weeds. Anyone looking to bring long-term strategic value and day-to-day execution to their organization needs to do […]

Apr 23rd 2023

What To Do When You’re New to Product Marketing | Adoption Boosting | Unstuck Yourself

3 min

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here… But the Klue content team was in Scottsdale for SCIP IntelliCon, and my guys […]

Apr 16th 2023

Tip more deals in less time (and three ways to do it) | Competitive Enablement Report Template

3 min

3 Ways to Support Sales Win More Deals (in Less Time) Deals are won and lost in the margins. Some deals you never really […]

Apr 9th 2023

What To Do When You’re New to Product Marketing | Adoption Boosting | Unstuck Yourself

3 min

🧒 When You’re New to Product Marketing… 🧒 Using marketing jargon in your sales enablement collateral is a big no-no. It’s the kind of […]

Apr 2nd 2023

Four questions revenue leaders have on their mind today (and the one answer to all four)

4 min

If end of quarter made you feel like this guy who got absolutely smoked by a security guard while proposing at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, we’ll […]

Mar 26th 2023

Six powerful win-loss takeaways you need to know | Competing as a team sport

3 min

Spring is here. The days are longer. And…it’s still raining in Vancouver.  Whether you’re in the dreary PNW like I am, or making us all […]

Mar 19th 2023

Literally the Best Edition of Coffee & Compete in the History of Coffee & Compete

4 min

Every once in a while, there comes a week so full of competitive content, clear takeaways and good vibes that you almost can’t believe […]

Mar 12th 2023

12-ish ways to increase sales adoption with Pat Wall | Community Tips

3 min

My mug is overflowing with compete content from the week that was, so let’s dive straight into things. A familiar face, Pat Wall, joined […]

Mar 5th 2023

Competitive intel | Customer Quotes | Executive Summaries | Sales Process Improvements | Product Roadmap

4 min

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times more: The compete community is so damn impressive. The proactive knowledge sharing and […]

Feb 26th 2023

How Sprout Social’s Peter Mertens Brings Win-Loss to the Board | AI Wars in 60 secs

4 min

“We need to be proactive, not reactive,” has officially become one of my most loathed clichés in business.  It’s not because it’s not true. […]

Feb 19th 2023

The Win-Loss Template You Never Knew You Needed | CRM Data in Win-Loss Analysis | Doing More with less

5 min

As Bob Dylan said in his iconic song “Like a Rolling Stone”: When you got nothin’ / You got nothin’ to lose If you’re […]

Feb 12th 2023

Your Win-Loss Questions Answered | Win-Loss Resources | CS and the Super Bowl

3 min

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and it’s time to reflect on the wrenching heartbreak Grayson experienced last year because of his lacklustre win-loss […]

Feb 5th 2023

The Biggest GTM Mistake and how to Avoid It | Clara Smyth Joins Klue

4 min

Clara Smyth officially joined Klue this week. It’s the most exciting piece of news since we announced our acquisition of DoubleCheck Research two weeks ago.  (January was a […]

Jan 12th 2023

Klue Acquires DoubleCheck Research | Win-Loss Resources | Sage Wisdom from Pat Wall

3 min

How many synonyms of “big” can I use to describe how gigantically momentous this massively important week was for Klue?  (Four I guess…not bad, not bad.)  In case you missed […]

Jan 8th 2023

The Best of Season 2 of the Competitive Enablement Show |

4 min

Last week’s edition of ☕️Coffee & Compete 🤜🤛 was a 2022 retrospective.  And it would be fair to argue that we’re too deep into 2023 for another one… […]

Dec 18th 2022

Three Ways to Start Closing Your Competitive Revenue Gap

4 min

Allow me to introduce a cool competitive concept in Coffee & Compete today. It’s all about the slice of revenue you should have won […]

Dec 11th 2022

Craft Ventures COO on Competiting in a Recession | Compete Week Sessions Available

3 min

This week marked a first for the Competitive Enablement Show. We’ve hosted star PMMs, Hall of Fame Compete practitioners, and even a CEO or two.  But […]

Dec 4th 2022

5 Essential Tips for Building Battlecards | Reframing Aggressive Messaging

4 min

Compete Week 2022 is officially in the books — and what a week it was.  If you were registered or in attendance, we’ll be […]

Nov 27th 2022

3 Key Stakeholders You Need to Influence | Creative Compete Programs

4 min

While my American friends are slowly recovering from a Thanksgiving-induced food coma, my fellow Canadians and I already awoke from ours in mid-October.  Meaning […]

Nov 20th 2022

Your Compete Week Guided Tour | Celebrating One Year of Coffee & Compete

5 min

Allow me to be your tour guide for the day. With just over a week to go, the lineup for Compete Week 2022 is locked, the […]