Know when competitors show up in deals. Introducing Gong + Klue.


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Stay on top of your market

Track your competitive landscape without spending hours searching the web or wading through junk. Focus more on analysis and generating insights, without the worry of being blindsided by competitors.

Centralize intel and filter out the noise

Collect intel from the web

Klue automatically collects millions of data points from public sources across the web, allowing you to track website changes, reviews, social media, press mentions, product launches, and more.


Crowdsource intel from the field

Klue also lets you scale the crowdsourcing of internal knowledge, allowing individuals in your company to share intel via email, CRM, Slack, and more.

Filter out the noise

We then use AI and machine learning to filter out the noise — roughly 87% of the intel we collect — giving you a centralized feed of only relevant competitive intel to review.


Save time and increase competitor coverage


Decrease in time spent collecting intel




Increase in competitor coverage




Increase in competitor coverage




Time saved across CI team



Why winning teams love Klue

No limits to your competitor coverage

“Intel curation and the ability to monitor all competitors, not just our biggest threats — that’s why we chose Klue over the competition.”
Tirrah Switzer
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Less noise, more insights

“Klue’s automated collection and consolidation of intel from a myriad of data sources allows me to stay on top of what’s happening in the market, and ensures that I provide the best possible analysis of that information.”
Matt Tyree,
Head of Competitive Intelligence, Data Management & SME

Tap into the field

“One of the biggest jumps in our competitive program happened once we crowdsourced intel collection using Klue. We could gather information at scale and ensure that information wasn’t getting stuck in the minds of a few individuals.”
Patty McDonald
Head of Solution Marketing, Communications & Analyst Relations

Never get blindsided again

It’s easy to miss urgent intel and emerging competitors. Klue reduces your risk with the freedom to track every competitor and AI to help you cut through the noise.

“Our space is moving incredibly fast. Klue has been a key component in our Competitive program and one that fuels our hyper growth in this market.”
Will Davis
Vice President of Product Marketing

What’s Next


Klue is a platform that automates the collection of competitive and market intelligence, streamlines your analysis, and makes it easier to distribute insights and messaging to every team in your organization.


Collect competitive intel

Increase your competitor coverage while saving hours of collection work each week. Spend more time reviewing relevant competitive insights without having to worry about being blindsided again.


Convert intel into insights

Klue makes it simple and fast to review, analyze and take action on important intel, leaving more time to focus on the strategic work that matters.


Create competitive content

Klue makes it easy to create and maintain content like competitor profiles, battlecards, product teardowns, executive summaries, win-loss, and more, all in one centralized place.


Enable your teams

Getting people in your organization to leverage your content relies on making it actionable, trustworthy, and easy to find. Klue does all three.


Measure your impact

Confidently measure the adoption of your competitive content and how that impacts revenue, win rates, sales cycle length, and more.


Tech stack integrations

A winning competitive program relies on meeting your stakeholders where they are. Klue makes it easy for people to consume and contribute insights from the tools they use every day.


Security and compliance

At Klue, we take the security of your competitive data very seriously. Every product feature and internal process is designed to keep your data and competitive strategies secure.


Want to see Klue in action?

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