Our Products

Update and share in real-time
Get Sales feedback instantly on any battlecard content
Track battlecard usage by Sales
Access battlecards via email, iOS and Slack command.

Dynamic Battlecards

Get Web and Mobile battlecards that are automatically updated with the latest intel from the Klue Competitive Hub.

Marketing can create once, update everywhere. Sales can access the latest positioning, win/loss, benchmarks on their mobile device. And, give feedback on anything learned from their latest calls.

Klue Mobile

Access the right Comp Intel where and when you need it. Klue’s iOS app makes it easy to discover key sales points from wherever you are.

View the latest intel, including news, positioning points, sales tactics - by competiton
Access current battlecards in real-time
Collaborate across the team

One-click change tracking of any Web page
Keep up with any changes by viewing before/after text, images, even pixel updates

Page Monitoring

Track pricing, branding, events, personnel changes and more. Get daily notifications of changes to web pages you follow, so you can act on those changes instantly.

Competitive Hub

Klue’s Competitive Hub allows you to centralize all of the intel scattered across all of your internal channels - Google docs, Email threads, MS Office, Slack, SFDC - and combine that with anything new you discover through your own research. The result is a “living picture” of what any competitor looks like - all in one place.

Integration with email, Slack, Chrome browser to add any new intel discovered
Organized profiles by competitor
Quick share of any important intel via battlecards, email digests, Slack and more

Instantly capture and comment on relevant news
Highlight important points in any article, @mention team members for input
View previous discoveries made by the rest of your team

Klue Button

Crowd-source your collection of competitive intel. The Klue Button’s chrome extension makes it easy for anyone to instantly capture relevant news, add comments, @mention others and instantly curate that intel on the fly. And, everything is saved in the right competitive profile in Klue.