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Tirrah Switzer from SCIP IntelliCon 2023

Adam and guest Tirrah Switzer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Community Brands, take a break from all the CI excitement at SCIP IntelliCon 2023 to sit down for a chat on all things compete. 

They dive into why Tirrah’s team focuses on enabling revenue-generating functions and how they do it. The importance of engaging senior leaders early on and why she wishes she had done more of it. The competitive intelligence metrics Tirrah and team swear by — and much more. 

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Key moments

(00:02) Introduction
(01:52) Meet Tirah Switzer
(02:12) How priorities change in tough markets
(05:23) Teaching sellers how to fish
(09:58) Getting leadership buy-in
(11:57) Competitive intelligence metrics and KPIs
(15:35) Tirrah’s biggest mistake in compete


Host: Adam McQueen
Producer: Ben Ronald
Post Production: Grayson Ottenbreit
Audio Editor: Michael Panes

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What is ‘The Competitive Enablement Show’?

Welcome to the Competitive Enablement Show. On this podcast, host Adam McQueen is joined by experts in the competitive intelligence industry to talk about innovative strategy, tangible advice and tactics that work, and building a competitive program that impacts the bottom line. 

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