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Overcoming the Fear | Michelle Pietsch

When Michelle Pietsch began 2022 as the Vice President of Revenue at Dooly,  she assumed she would end the year in the same position.

Fears of an economic recession and a slew of layoffs in the tech sector made for a different outcome.

But Michelle’s story is not one that ends at Dooly — it was just the beginning.

Now as a founding partner at Minot Light Consulting, Michelle has turned her years of professional experience into an agency devoted to GTM strategy. 

She sat down with host Jody Geiger to talk about:

  • Taking the leap and starting her own company (1:50)
  • Michelle’s fear of posting on LinkedIn and hiring a ghostwriter (3:01)
  • How being uncomfortable became the new normal for Michelle (10:52)
  • Avoiding the endless downward spiral of rumination (17:20)
  • Building resilience in a sales role (19:39)
  • Living through layoffs at Dooly (21:34)
  • Always being prepared to pivot (26:30)
  • And what ‘winning’ means to Michelle today (34:12)

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Host: Jody Geiger
Producer: Ben Ronald

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