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Customers always ask me, ‘What does competitive enablement look like at a $2.3B company?’ The looks on their faces never get old when I respond, ‘Just me. And Highspot and Klue.

Justin Topliff

Sr Product Marketing Manager,


Intel curation and monitoring all competitors, not just our biggest threats – were very important to us, in selecting the right Competitive Enablement platform. And this is why we chose Klue over Crayon.

Tirrah Switzer

Director of Product Marketing,

Community Brands

Our data showed that sellers who are using Klue significantly outperform those who are not leveraging it — by as much as 25 percentage points in win-rate compared to those who don’t.

Mahesh Babu

Head of Product Marketing,

Contrast Security

The #1 Rated Competitive Enablement Software

Connected Competitive Intelligence.

Fuel better decision-making across the organization. Klue makes it easy to collect, curate, and deliver intel to enable multiple teams. Whether by email, web, mobile, or Salesforce, Klue works where you do.


Competitor tracking made easy

No more intel slipping through the cracks. Klue collects data from millions of sources and uses AI to surface the most relevant competitive intelligence for your business. All shared into one central location.

Better battlecards for easy & effective distribution

Provide Sales reps with what they need, when they need it. Share real-time intel through Klue’s battlecards, newsletters, self-serve features, and integrations, so that you can efficiently support teams at scale.

Report on the real impact of your competitive program

Measure your revenue impact, battlecard consumption and competitive win rates for a complete view of your competitive program’s ROI. Klue helps you stay on top of your competitive threats, so you can win more deals.

A scalable workflow for competitive intelligence

Find intel and deliver timely insights to revenue teams to win more deals. In just a few clicks, you can update dynamic sales battlecards, so you publish once and publish everywhere simultaneously.


“With a lean team, delivering and updating competitive updates to the field can be a challenge. With Klue, we’ve been able to deliver time stamped intel to Sales on a weekly basis, resulting in fewer repeat requests and more confidence in the intel itself.”

Chris Janiszewski

Director of Market Intelligence, UiPath

“Intel curation and the ability to monitor all competitors, not just our biggest threats – were very important to us, in selecting the right Competitive Enablement platform. And this is why we chose Klue.”

Tirrah Switzer

Director of Product Marketing, Community Brands

Real-time insights to drive your competitive strategy

Gather market intelligence to inform your go-to-market strategy using Klue. Tracking your competitors with website page monitoring, keyword insights, content tracking, and news monitoring arm you to build stronger positioning strategies.


Win more competitive deals

Keep Sales in the loop on market trends, insights on the competition, and new strategies to compete effectively. With better delivery of competitive content, your team will never be blindsided in a deal again.


“Over the last 5 yrs, Klue has supported the scale and growth of our Competitive Enablement program, helping us deliver relevant insights to thousands of sellers. The strategic importance has been endorsed across all levels of our organization. Klue is a core part of Dell’s seller enablement technology stack.”

Andrew Glinka

Vice President, Competitive Intelligence, Dell Technologies

Integrated with your workplace.

Deliver and retrieve competitive intel from the most important tools that your teams already use every single day.

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