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The Best of Season 2 of the Competitive Enablement Show

Adam rings in the New Year with a look back at the very best of Season 2 of the Competitive Enablement Show with clips from some of our favourite interviews of the year as we start to look ahead at Season 3.

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(00:00) The Best of Season 2 Interviews
(01:33) Chris Agnoli, Juniper Networks
(03:03) Jennifer Roberts, ServiceTitan
(04:52) Anthony Fritsch, CoachHub
(06:24) Kris Hartvigsen & Jason Smith
(08:10) The Best of CE LIVE
(08:54) Brandon Bedford, Paul Senatori, Tirrah Switzer
(11:06) Dave Washer, Klue
(12:45) Mitch Comstock & Qayam Noorani
(15:07) The Best of SCIP IntelliCon
(15:37) Ashleigh Eisinger, Highspot
(16:57) Ryan Sorley, DoubleCheck
(18:19) Lisa Goldberg, Ellucian
(19:21) Dan Hamilton, Salesforce
(20:51) The Best of VERSUS
(21:21) Tesla VERSUS Volkswagen
(23:14) Apple VERSUS BlackBerry
(24:55) HBO VERSUS Netflix

Host: Adam McQueen
Producer/Audio Editing: Ben Ronald

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What is ‘The Competitive Enablement Show’?

Welcome to the Competitive Enablement Show. On this podcast, host Adam McQueen is joined by experts in the competitive intelligence industry to talk about innovative strategy, tangible advice and tactics that work, and building a competitive program that impacts the bottom line. 

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