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Your Sunday Ritual

Oct 9th 2023

The Best Sales Enablement Mechanisms | Revenue Efficiency | A Bittersweet Goodbye

2 min

👀 Know your sales org inside and out 👀 Sophos has a sales force of more than one thousand sellers and support staff — […]

Oct 1st 2023

Execs’ Number One Compete Mistake | Three Content Creation Tips | Community Love

3 min

🪨 The only constant is change 🪨 When was the last time you were in a strategy meeting and heard, ‘Let’s just keep things […]

Sep 17th 2023

Updating Your Battlecards | Compete Confidential (CE LIVE) | Shoulda Done It

2 min

🃏 How often should you update your battlecards?🃏 HubSpot has a handful of major, direct competitors. They also have a dizzying amount of tier-2 […]

Sep 10th 2023

How B2B Sales Has Changed Over Time | GenAI Disruption | Value Selling

3 min

🦖 Going the way of the dinosaurs 🦖 In some ways, selling in 2023 is the same it was in 1993. It’s about relationships, […]

Sep 3rd 2023

Brand Building via Your Competitive Intel Newsletter | CE LIVE | Hot Takes

4 min

🎓 Three things I learned about competitive intel newsletters 1️⃣ Make it sound conversational 1️⃣ A career in the enterprise has given Penny’s writing […]

Aug 27th 2023

Son of a Fisherman | Competitive Revenue Analytics | PMM Tools

3 min

He grew up the son of a fisherman in towns all over the Gulf Coast, for no more than three months at a time, […]

Aug 20th 2023

Three Things About Competitive Intel Newsletters | Compete Confidential

4 min

  Collaboration makes the dream work. That’s how the expression, right? Anyway, I got to do some serious collaborating over the past four weeks […]

Aug 13th 2023

Fostering Competitive Friction | Klue By the Numbers II | No PMM is an Island

3 min

 ⚡️ Breeding Positive Friction in the Org⚡️ Success in product marketing, competitive intelligence and competitive enablement is all about building relationships.  You build relationships through trust. And you […]

Aug 6th 2023

5 Things Keeping Compete Pros Up at Night | Battlecard GTM

3 min

Compete pros and product marketers are some of the hardest-working people you’ll ever meet. Always pushing for excellence and striving for perfection. But since […]

Jul 30th 2023

Product & Compete Working Together | Supporting Product Launches with Competitive Intelligence

3 min

All roads lead to product.  Good marketing amplifies. Good sellers seal the deal. Good CSMs keep customers for life.  But if it’s all built […]

Jul 23rd 2023

Jason Smith on B2B Revenue Leaders | Winning as Women Season 2 Premiere

3 min

We celebrated AI Day at Klue this week.  We cleared our calendars and dove into the myriad AI tools out there to learn how […]

Jul 16th 2023

FIA Battlecard Framework | Outcompeting the Competition with Mayur Palta | Prime Day

3 min

We’re barely two weeks into it and the jury’s still out on Threads vs Twitter. If you caught last week’s edition, you’ll know I’m […]

Jul 9th 2023

Unravelling Twitters and Threads | Enabling CSMs with Compete Content | Simple Messaging

4 min

I strongly believe there should be less social media and not more. I also resist buying into fads at all costs.  I betrayed both […]

Jun 25th 2023

Gong Leans into the Last Mover Advantage | AI Prompts and Win-Loss | Palo Alto Job Opp

4 min

Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s character in Talladega Nights, had one simple mantra: if you ain’t first you’re last.  Later in the movie, however, he […]

Jun 18th 2023

Lies and the Lying CEOs That Tell Them | Compete Regrets | People Enablement

3 min

Lying is bad. When you’re the CEO of a publicly traded company, lying is illegal.  That doesn’t always stop them from doing it though…  […]

Jun 11th 2023

Win-loss Wins on a Shoestring Budget | Inside the Competitor’s Mindset | Messaging 101

4 min

Pretending you’re not paying attention to competitors is dumb.  Sorry, but it’s true.  When leaders say all they’re focused on is themselves and not […]

Jun 4th 2023

Why Ad Hoc Win-Loss Programs Fail Hard | Curated Compete Content from the Vault | Salary Survey

3 min

🚫 Why Ad-Hoc Win-Loss Programs Fail 🚫 Conveying the value of win-loss insights to executives isn’t the hard part. It’s getting organizational buy-in to […]

May 28th 2023

Competitive Marketing 101 | Is Seller Intel Reliable? | Netflix Catastrophe

4 min

If you’re not using sellers as a source of win-loss intel you’re doing it all wrong.  Of course, if you’re ONLY using sellers you’re […]

May 21st 2023

Winning Your (Un)Fair Share of Deals | Win-Loss AI Prompts | Fertile Ground

4 min

“Find the inherent weakness in your competitor’s strength.” Spend too much time harping on weaknesses and you’ll quickly find yourself up Poop’s Creek without […]

May 14th 2023

Salesforce VP of Competitive Intelligence | 9 Battlecard Building Tips | Learning to Say No

3 min

🎥 Keeping focused and making an impact 🎥 🔍 Sometimes you need to show people how bad things are for them to change 🔎 […]

May 7th 2023

Three companies that crossed the ethical line | Compete DNA across the org | Elite PMMs

4 min

Last year we marched into Minneapolis for SCIP IntelliCon 2022. We interviewed 12 compete pros and turned them into our Klue LIVE at IntelliCon […]

Apr 30th 2023

Competing in an insanely competitive market | Win-Loss Analysis Resources | Objection Handling

3 min

The 30-thousand-foot view versus getting in the weeds. Anyone looking to bring long-term strategic value and day-to-day execution to their organization needs to do […]

Apr 23rd 2023

What To Do When You’re New to Product Marketing | Adoption Boosting | Unstuck Yourself

3 min

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here… But the Klue content team was in Scottsdale for SCIP IntelliCon, and my guys […]

Apr 16th 2023

Tip more deals in less time (and three ways to do it) | Competitive Enablement Report Template

3 min

3 Ways to Support Sales Win More Deals (in Less Time) Deals are won and lost in the margins. Some deals you never really […]

Apr 9th 2023

What To Do When You’re New to Product Marketing | Adoption Boosting | Unstuck Yourself

3 min

🧒 When You’re New to Product Marketing… 🧒 Using marketing jargon in your sales enablement collateral is a big no-no. It’s the kind of […]

Apr 2nd 2023

Four questions revenue leaders have on their mind today (and the one answer to all four)

4 min

If end of quarter made you feel like this guy who got absolutely smoked by a security guard while proposing at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, we’ll […]

Mar 26th 2023

Six powerful win-loss takeaways you need to know | Competing as a team sport

3 min

Spring is here. The days are longer. And…it’s still raining in Vancouver.  Whether you’re in the dreary PNW like I am, or making us all […]

Mar 19th 2023

Literally the Best Edition of Coffee & Compete in the History of Coffee & Compete

4 min

Every once in a while, there comes a week so full of competitive content, clear takeaways and good vibes that you almost can’t believe […]

Mar 12th 2023

12-ish ways to increase sales adoption with Pat Wall | Community Tips

3 min

My mug is overflowing with compete content from the week that was, so let’s dive straight into things. A familiar face, Pat Wall, joined […]

Mar 5th 2023

Competitive intel | Customer Quotes | Executive Summaries | Sales Process Improvements | Product Roadmap

4 min

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times more: The compete community is so damn impressive. The proactive knowledge sharing and […]

Feb 26th 2023

How Sprout Social’s Peter Mertens Brings Win-Loss to the Board | AI Wars in 60 secs

4 min

“We need to be proactive, not reactive,” has officially become one of my most loathed clichés in business.  It’s not because it’s not true. […]

Feb 19th 2023

The Win-Loss Template You Never Knew You Needed | CRM Data in Win-Loss Analysis | Doing More with less

5 min

As Bob Dylan said in his iconic song “Like a Rolling Stone”: When you got nothin’ / You got nothin’ to lose If you’re […]

Feb 12th 2023

Your Win-Loss Questions Answered | Win-Loss Resources | CS and the Super Bowl

3 min

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and it’s time to reflect on the wrenching heartbreak Grayson experienced last year because of his lacklustre win-loss […]

Feb 5th 2023

The Biggest GTM Mistake and how to Avoid It | Clara Smyth Joins Klue

4 min

Clara Smyth officially joined Klue this week. It’s the most exciting piece of news since we announced our acquisition of DoubleCheck Research two weeks ago.  (January was a […]

Jan 12th 2023

Klue Acquires DoubleCheck Research | Win-Loss Resources | Sage Wisdom from Pat Wall

3 min

How many synonyms of “big” can I use to describe how gigantically momentous this massively important week was for Klue?  (Four I guess…not bad, not bad.)  In case you missed […]

Jan 8th 2023

The Best of Season 2 of the Competitive Enablement Show |

4 min

Last week’s edition of ☕️Coffee & Compete 🤜🤛 was a 2022 retrospective.  And it would be fair to argue that we’re too deep into 2023 for another one… […]

Dec 18th 2022

Three Ways to Start Closing Your Competitive Revenue Gap

4 min

Allow me to introduce a cool competitive concept in Coffee & Compete today. It’s all about the slice of revenue you should have won […]

Dec 11th 2022

Craft Ventures COO on Competiting in a Recession | Compete Week Sessions Available

3 min

This week marked a first for the Competitive Enablement Show. We’ve hosted star PMMs, Hall of Fame Compete practitioners, and even a CEO or two.  But […]

Dec 4th 2022

5 Essential Tips for Building Battlecards | Reframing Aggressive Messaging

4 min

Compete Week 2022 is officially in the books — and what a week it was.  If you were registered or in attendance, we’ll be […]

Nov 27th 2022

3 Key Stakeholders You Need to Influence | Creative Compete Programs

4 min

While my American friends are slowly recovering from a Thanksgiving-induced food coma, my fellow Canadians and I already awoke from ours in mid-October.  Meaning […]

Nov 20th 2022

Your Compete Week Guided Tour | Celebrating One Year of Coffee & Compete

5 min

Allow me to be your tour guide for the day. With just over a week to go, the lineup for Compete Week 2022 is locked, the […]

Nov 13th 2022

Enabling Veteran Sellers with Competitive Intelligence | Gong & Chorus Hacks

5 min

If compete is in your job description, you probably spend at least some of your time onboarding new reps.  It’s one of the most […]

Nov 6th 2022

Bringing Win-Loss Insights into Your Compete Program

4 min

📈 Changing competitor field dropdown options in your CRM increases response rates If your company struggles with CRM data hygiene, rest assured you are […]

Oct 30th 2022

The Comparison Page Edition | Compete Week 2022

5 min

💡Three Things You Need to Know About Comparison Pages💡 1️⃣ Prioritize differentiation and messaging over SEO optimization Yes, yes, SEO is super important when […]

Oct 23rd 2022

Dooly CEO Kris Hartvigsen and Klue CEO Jason Smith on Competing in a Recession

2 min

🎙️Two CEOs Walk into a Podcast Studio…🎙️ It’s not every day two CEOs waltz into the virtual podcast studio and lay down a killer […]

Oct 16th 2022

The Win-Loss Edition | 3 Win-Loss Takeaways | Win-Loss Guide

3 min

3️⃣ Three Things You Need to Know About Win-Loss 3️⃣ Win-loss programs. So hot right now.  It’s no wonder why. Insights drawn from a well-run win-loss […]

Oct 9th 2022

A Practical Guide to Competitive Intelligence | Three-Way Comparison Pages

3 min

🤝 Tactical Trust Leads to Strategic Success 🤝 Competitive intelligence pros who love the sound of their own voice, live in an ivory tower and sound […]

Oct 2nd 2022

Rooted in Reality | The Itch to Pitch | Heads up vs. Heads Down

3 min

🌳 Rooting Your Compete Program in Reality 🌳 Salesforce VP of Competitive Intelligence Dan Hamilton has lived in the world of compete for more than […]

Sep 11th 2022

Compete KPIs | Masters Series Part VI | Mugs in the Wild

3 min

📐 10 KPIs to Measure Competitive Success 📐 The player that gets the ball over the line is the one credited with the touchdown.  To them […]

Sep 4th 2022

A Trusted Ally | Competing Org-Wide | Old-School Ads

2 min

 👯Your Product Team’s Closest Ally 👯 Molly Gallaher Boddy wants to be her product team’s closest ally. A trusted advisor and consultant who supports, pushes […]

Aug 28th 2022

Tracy Berry’s 90-Day Plan | 10 Sources of Competitive Intelligence | Internal Intel Best Intel

3 min

 🗺️ Tracy Berry’s 30-60-90 Roadmap for Compete Programs 🗺️ The First Lady of Compete joined us for the 50th (!!) episode of the Competitive Enablement Show.  […]

Aug 14th 2022

5 Tool Product Marketers | Nailing a Competitive Intelligence Newsletter | Compete Better Together

3 min

 ⚾ 5 Skills Competitive Enablement Pros Need to Master ⚾ The best baseball players are the ones who master these five skills: 1) Hitting for average […]

Aug 7th 2022

SCIP at IntelliCon Part V | Competitive Confidence Survey Template | C&C Community Corner

3 min

 ⚙️ Don’t Get Wrapped Around the Axle ⚙️ Datto’s Director of Competitive Intelligence Dustin Ray has served many different departments in his decade-long career in CI.  […]

Aug 7th 2022

CoachHub’s Global Head of Sales | A Look Back at Klue’s VERSUS Series | Skimmers, Dippers and Divers

3 min

 ⚒️ 3 Ways CoachHub is Building a Culture of Compete ⚒️ It was 107℉ in Berlin at the time of recording. But CoachHub’s Global Head of Sales Enablement […]

Jul 31st 2022

3 Takeaways from CE Live | The Know. Say. Show. Method of Battlecard Building | C&C Community Corner

3 min

 🍞 Breadcrumbing Your Way to Battlecard Success 🍞 It was — dare I say — the most fun edition of the Competitive Enablement Show LIVE we’ve […]

Jul 24th 2022

5 Battlecard Laws | SCIP IntelliCon Masters Series Part IV | James Doman-Pipe

3 min

  🃏 Good Things Come In 5’s 🃏 Or is it 3’s?  Anyway, without divulging too much, the content team has been working on a […]

Jul 17th 2022

Enabling Product Teams with Intel, Highly Effective Battlecards, Having a Little Fun

3 min

 🎙️ Enabling Product Teams with Competitive Intel 🎙️ Datto’s Dustin Ray breaks competive intelligence into three categories: ⚔️ Tactical Intelligence – How are we enabling sales […]

Jul 10th 2022

Competing in Uncertainty, 10 Tips From the Vault, Aggressive Messaging

3 min

😧 Competing in Uncertainty 😧 As an avid talk radio fan and lover of podcasts, I couldn’t be more excited to release our first-ever mailbag episode!  […]

Jul 4th 2022

Crappy Comparison Pages, Stop Sitting at Your Desk, French Press Goals

3 min

🦸 I Need a Hero (Section) 🦸 What’s the number one mistake companies make when building comparison pages?  According to Federico Jorge, Founder at Stack Against and […]

Jun 26th 2022

Earning a Seat at the Table, Nailing and Scaling Your Program, Listen up Vendors!

3 min

🪑 Please, Take a Seat 🪑 Pop quiz! Should competitive enablement live under: a) Product? b) Marketing? c) Strategy? d) Somewhere else altogether? Well, Jennifer Roberts has experienced […]

Jun 19th 2022

New Klue Original Shows, Compete Network Founding Members, Sylvia Rayner

5 min

🆕 Introducing Four New Klue Original Series 🆕 Klue Originals has such a great ring to it. Kind of like Netflix Originals.  But since readers of […]

Jun 12th 2022

Content Sales Reps Love, Competitors in a Crowded Market, WTF is Go-To-Market?

3 min

🎙Building Competitive Content Sales Reps Love 🎙 Shopify’s Competitive Intelligence Ambassador Brock Everett spent 10 years in sales — and it shows. (In a good way.)  […]

Jun 5th 2022

Lessons from a Career in Compete, Curating Intel, Messaging for Startups

3 min

🎙Lessons from a Career in Compete 🎙 Have you ever finished a conversation with someone and realized: That’s easily one of the smartest people […]

May 25th 2022

Impossible Foods VERSUS Beyond Meat: Going to Market against the Meat Industry

11 min

This is the latest edition of our VERSUS series, where we dive into how the biggest businesses compete to win. Catch the audio version here, and […]

May 15th 2022

Reporting Saves (Work) Lives, New Newsletter Page, PMM Masterclass

3 min

📊 Reporting Saves (Work) Lives📊 If you’re not providing value, you’re just taking up space.  Compete experts know that their Competitive Enablement programs are […]

May 8th 2022

Needle in a Haystack, Enablement is Everything, Community Corner

3 min

🧑‍🌾 Sometimes the Needle is the Hay 🧑‍🌾 Everyone is looking for the needle in the haystack. The silver bullet. The magic elixir.  But what […]

May 1st 2022

Live(ish) at IntelliCon, Ryan Sorley on Win-Loss Interviews, Meme of the Week

3 min

🎙 We’re Doing it Live! (ish) at IntelliCon 2022 🎙 Adam loves to talk about his Masters’s Degree in journalism.  And for once, he had […]

Apr 25th 2022

Klue Hits the Road, Competitive Enablement and CX, A Bold Prediction

3 min

🚗 On the Road Again, Just Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again 🚗 The Zoom fatigue is real.  And while having to dress […]

Apr 17th 2022

Nailing Your First 90 Days, Competitive KPI, 5 Rules with David Priemer

3 min

🎙 First 100 Days of the McCotter-Bicknell Administration at ClickUp 🎙 Actually, the topic and title of this episode of the Competitive Enablement Show is all about […]

Apr 10th 2022

Competitor Claims, Winning all the time, Building a Compete Program in 30 days

3 min

✅ Crafting Competitor Claims ✅ “You need your customers to trust you. If you’re running around saying something that’s egregiously false…you’re going to look pretty silly..” […]

Apr 3rd 2022

Competitive Inheritance, HBO’s Brand is Better, Competitive Confidence

4 min

💪 Making the Most of Your Inheritance 💪 “Inheriting competitive content may feel like a good thing at the start. But in reality…” Building […]

Mar 27th 2022

HBO VERSUS Netflix: A Battle of Quality and Quantity in the Streaming Wars

11 min

This is the latest edition of our VERSUS series, where we dive into how the biggest businesses compete to win. Listen to the episode […]

Mar 20th 2022

Enabling 5000 Enterprise Sellers, 50 Product Animations, Super Sales Tactics

3 min

⛑ How Red Hat Enables More Than 5000 Enterprise Sellers ⛑ “You’re great at running compete but you’re terrible at taking compliments.” Just when […]

Mar 13th 2022

Competing as a Market Leader, Klue & Salesforce, 70 Comparison Pages

3 min

🏆 Competing as a Market Leader 🏆 Market leaders need to continually be refreshing their competitive knowledge and intel. Because we all know that […]

Mar 6th 2022

Building Comparison Pages, Win-Loss Resources, Succession Memes

4 min

🧑‍💻 Building Competitive Comparison Pages 🧑‍💻 ❌ “If you’re not educated enough in understanding your differences, you’ve already lost the battle”  ❌ We talk […]

Feb 27th 2022

Apple VERSUS BlackBerry: How Apple Stole the Smartphone Crown

9 min

This is the latest edition of our VERSUS series, where we dive into how the biggest businesses compete to win. Listen to the episode […]

Feb 20th 2022

Competitive Newsletters, Competing in Cyber Security, PMM Advice

4 min

📰 Building Your Next Competitive Intelligence Newsletter 📰 Just like the family newsletter ends up in the trash more often than on your must-read list, a […]

Feb 13th 2022

Valentines Day Heartache, Expert Objection Handling, Competitive Confidence

3 min

🧑‍💻 Building Competitive Comparison Pages 🧑‍💻 Win-loss analysis is as much about celebrating the wins as it is learning from the losses.  But we […]

Feb 6th 2022

10 Objection Handling Tips, PMMs and Sellers, Competitive Enablement in the Org

3 min

“This might be the best top 10 I’ve seen since David Letterman went off the air,” – Anonymous Full disclosure, I am the author […]

Jan 30th 2022

Intelligence vs. Enablement, Win-Loss Program Must-Haves, Twitter Drama

4 min

🎙️The Secret to Establishing Competitive Enablement for the Enterprise with Chris Agnoli 🎙️ Competitive Enablement is quickly becoming something that no company can live without.  […]

Dec 26th 2021

Competitive Enablement Show Best of Season 1, 31 Win-Loss Questions, Klue Un-Wrapped

3 min

🎧 Everyone loves a ‘Best Of’ 🎧 “You’ll hear some of Adam and my less bright moments” 21 episodes. 26 guests. Persistent technical issues. And a […]

Dec 19th 2021

Series B Thoughts, Tesla’s Competitive Advantage, Competitive Enablement Summit

3 min

💵 Maybe Everyone Will Get a Boat…I’d Like a Boat 💵 I have a confession to make: I am new to the world of startups. So […]

Dec 16th 2021

Tesla VERSUS Volkswagen: The Battle for Electric Vehicle Supremacy

5 min

This is the latest edition of our VERSUS series, where we dive into how the biggest businesses compete to win. Catch the audio version […]

Dec 12th 2021

Putting Intel into Action, Competitive Win-Loss, Beyond Meat vs. Impossible

3 min

🎧 Putting Competitive Intel into Action 🎧 “It was an email from my boss saying, ‘Hey, can you give me a quick call’. You […]

Dec 5th 2021

Win-Loss Interviews, CI Trends Report, Series B Funding

2 min

🔨 Nailing your next win-loss interview 🔨 Sales reps are wrong about why they won or lost a deal 60% of the time. Ryan Sorley, […]

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