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Embedding Compete DNA Across the Organization

Brad Lawless is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Movista. He sat down with Adam in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona at IntelliCon 2023 to share his best practices for building a compete program that serves the entire organization.

🃏 Don’t limit compete to data points on a battlecard 🃏

No competitive intelligence or competitive enablement pro in their right mind would tell you to ignore battlecards. Those same pros would tell you you’re doing a disservice to your compete program by limiting the program to just that.

Brad’s team at Movista has moved past battlecard building. They’re onto fuelling the entire organization with competitive, market and buyer intelligence.

“It’s almost like we’re a research group now. Our primary mission is competitive, but we’re looking at trends to help inform our entire organization.”

Battlecards are a fundamental deliverable for your program. In order to unlock the full value of your compete program though, start looking at win-loss analysis, market landscape analysis, competitive confidence surveys and more.

the competitive revenue gap is the revenue lost to competitors that you should have won

🔊 Share intel through the channels people love 🔊

You don’t have to share intel through every channel imaginable. You should however pay attention to how your audience likes to receive intel and the channels through which they like to share it.

When you get it right, you’re not only sharing tangible, valuable intel — you’re fostering a culture of compete.

“When you have juicy competitive information, get it out to people the way they want to receive things. “

At Movista, the work Brad and team have done to build a culture of compete has made their competitive intel Slack channel active and lively.

They’ve built a reflex to share intel in that channel almost as soon as they hear something noteworthy in a meeting. And that intel quickly ends up on a battlecard.

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🧬 Embed competitive in the DNA of the Company🧬

Every organization benefits from better competitive intel and enablement. Your best bet is to start with sales. But mature programs like Brad’s have their sights set higher than just one department.

“We’re starting to build touch-points across the organization — branching out from that traditional relationship that you might have with a sales and marketing team”

Movista is leveraging competitive enablement to proactively warn the CS team about potential churn risks. What’s more, they set CSMs up for success by providing the right intel at the right time with respect to tricky renewals.

Best of all, their compete program is getting the attention it deserves from the C-Suite. It didn’t happen overnight, but the ball is rolling fast at Movista.

your competitive revenue gap is the revenue lost to competitors that you should have won

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