Competitive Battlecards 101: Templates to Improve Your Battlecards

Competitive battlecard templates are tricking you.

Google ‘competitive battlecards’ and you’ll get slick-looking Word docs, PDFs and PowerPoint decks.

They have nicely formatted little boxes with preset headings just begging to be filled with your competitive content.

Reality check: This does not improve your battlecards.

All it does is encourage you to fill the space.

Competitive battle cards shouldn’t be “filled up”. They should contain the absolute minimum amount of content needed to enable your sales team to convert a prospect into a client. Period.

competitive battlecards

Better Business Battlecard Templates

In a world where content is king (or queen) when it comes to competitive intelligence for sales, it’s the most valuable and meaningful content that moves the needle.

To provide an alternative to the over-formatted competitive battlecard templates out there, we’ve started a series called Competitive Battlecards 101.

The concept is simple: reframe how you think about making battlecards.

Rather than using a single template for all of your competitors, we want to give you the tools to understand each of the individual cards that can be used to build a full and effective battlecard.

Competitive Battlecards 101 overview

Each post gives you one new competitive card to add to your arsenal, diving into the strategy behind each individual card that makes up the full deck you see above.

The articles will be short and sweet. No fluff. Just the facts on what the card is, how to build it, and when and why to use it. There’s a smarter way to arm your sales team with intel, and it’ll impact your bottom line.

Want more tips and templates for your battlecards? Check out our Competitive Sales Battlecards 101 guide here.

Your Roadmap for Competitive Battlecards 101

Below you’ll find links to examples of all 15 competitive battlecards in our 101 series. Complete the series in order, or turn it into a choose your own adventure.

Also, throughout the competitive battlecard 101 series, we’ll be referring to our “Super Theoretical Battlecard Content Framework” to help showcase our examples of battlecards.

The top of the pyramid covers the basics of how to identify whether or not — or which — competitors are in the same deals are your reps. Then, moving downward on the pyramid, battlecards will to become more precise, more targeted, and more strategic.

Here’s what the framework looks like so you can get acquainted.

sales battlecards template

First Up in Competitive Battlecards 101

Leading off our series will be the “Approach-to-Market” card.

The Approach-to-Market card explores your competitors’ go-to-market strategy, looking at the verticals and departments they serve — and how they sell.

If you can understand how the sales reps you face-off against are selling, you’ll make better decisions about your own sales strategy.

Competitive Battlecard Template Library:

You can check out all of the battlecards in our library to date by following the links below:

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