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Cutting Out Competitive Chaos (with a Maturity Model) | Brad Lawless, Movista

The Sparknotes 📝

🗺 The Maturity Model is a Roadmap for your Competitive Journey

“You can hop in your car, head in a direction, and end up in a certain place. If you use a map, you’re probably going to get there faster.”

Charting a course to competitive success is made easier with the Competitive Enablement Maturity Model.

So when Movista’s Brad Lawless was busy getting his compete program up to speed as a team of one, the Competitive Enablement Maturity Model served as his North Star.

“Everyone starts in a disorganized, ad hoc space. The only way to improve that is to put processes in place. And dear Lord it’s so much easier when you have a good plan.”

While evolving from Ad Hoc to the Transforming stages of the Competitive Enablement Maturity Model doesn’t happen overnight, Brad strategized his compete program based on the 5 Factors of Successful Compete Programs.

By mapping priorities to these five key factors, the ad hoc, reacting to the past kind of work has been replaced by a more mature and strategic Competitive Enablement program.

The Maturity Model isn’t a GPS. It won’t tell you exactly where to turn.

But what it does is guide compete professionals in the right direction so they don’t get lost in the dark.

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🏃‍♂️ The Maturity Model Gets you to your Destination Faster

“This program’s five month’s old. Now we’re at that place we can start tuning. And I’m pretty excited about that.”

Five months ago, Brad was definitely not in a place where he could start fine tuning his compete program.

Today, Brad has processes in place, stakeholder buy-in, and is developing KPIs. Best of all, Brad hired a support role.

(Team of one no more!)

How did he get there in such a short amount of time? Well, apart from a little elbow grease and buy-in from the hop from his leadership team, Brad credits the Maturity Model.

“It’s a plan for moving non-repeatable processes towards highly scalable processes, so that the daily work of Competitive Enablement is automatic at that point.”

Automating daily competitive work has enabled Brad up to do more impactful work and solve bigger problems.

In a world where bandwidth — and the lack thereof — is at a premium, the Maturity Model has freed some of it up for Brad within less than half a year.

The Competitive Enablement Maturity Model guides competitive professionals in their journey.

And it can even help get you to the final destination faster.

🤝 Starting with Sales is a Super Strategy

“It creates a beneficial spiral. You enable more sales, you attribute that you enabled more sales…(and) you can grow your program

Adam had barely finished asking his question before Brad answered emphatically.

“Who are you supporting first and why?”

“Sales, 100%.”

The ‘why’ took a little longer to answer, but it’s a refrain sung by virtually every Competitive Enablement expert we talk to.

Sales is hungry for competitive intelligence that wins more deals. And winning more deals is exactly why Brad’s Competitive Enablement Program exists.

So when Movista’s sales team attended their industry’s largest trade show of the year, Brad put together a set of battlecards on top competitors.

Not only did sales love the cards, this initial build set the foundation for future sales collateral.

But the most crucial reason why Competitive Enablement programs should support sales first is tying your team’s efforts to revenue.

By combining revenue metrics with competitive confidence, you start to paint a picture of success that helps your program to grow.

And it all starts with sales.

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