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It’s becoming harder and harder to separate yourself from the pack. So, what can you do to level up your competitive program and get ahead?

Use the first ever Competitive Enablement Maturity Model to assess where your competitive enablement efforts are now, and what you can do next to get to the top of the podium.

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Your Maturity Model Roadmap

550+ Respondents

We surveyed over 550 product marketers, competitive intelligence (CI) pros, sales leaders, and execs to gauge how their respective competitive programs operate.

20+ Competitive Experts

We collaborated with experts who have built competitive enablement programs from the ground up. Their input, along with our report data, determined each stage of the maturity model.

1 Maturity Model

Until now, people have been left to guess what the most important factors are that go into building a game-changing competitive enablement program.

Competitive leaders aren’t satisfied with second place







True competitors hate losing, and competitive program leaders are no different. In fact, less than one in five (18%) survey respondents feel that they currently have a mature competitive program in place at their company.

And while the overwhelming majority are in the early stages of developing their competitive program, 86% of them are NOT satisfied with where they’re at maturity-wise.

Sprinkle in the fact that respondents have seen the importance of competitive intelligence increase significantly since the pandemic, and there’s a huge opportunity to elevate both your competitive program’s impact on the business and your role in the org.

How do competitive programs level up?

Understanding what differentiates high-performing competitive programs from those starting out is key to learning how you can better impact the business. And right now most companies are only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

It’s time to upgrade that go-kart into a Mercedes.

LEVEL 1 | Ad Hoc

to the past

At this stage, competitive research is reactive and done on a one-off basis in response to sales requests.

Defining Features

Reactive responses to competitive requests

Noisy external collection and intel shared in PDFs and decks.

Intel scattered across multiple places

No competitive objectives or measurable KPIs in place

Zero visibility with execs

LEVEL 2 | Adopting

Getting the basics together

This is the initial stage of building out a competitive program. You’re trying to centralize competitive intel and keep it up-to-date. Although insights are being shared with sales, there still isn’t a regular cadence for distributing it.

Defining Features

Early battlecards overviewing main competitors

Distributing newsletters semi-regularly

First attempt at centralizing intel and keeping content fresh

General win-rate awareness

Limited visibility with execs

LEVEL 3 | Impacting

the bottom-line

These programs are focused on serving all revenue teams at scale and reporting in greater detail on revenue performance. Supporting tactical needs is more efficient, so the program can also take on more proactive strategic initiatives.

Defining Features

Enabling all revenue teams and channel teams with in-depth battlecards

Distributing weekly newsletters

All up-to-date content in an accessible central location

Tracking impact on win-rate by content usage

Exec visibility and support

LEVEL 4 | Influencing

Strategically guiding the company

These programs have enough credibility with execs to inform high-level strategies like the company’s product roadmap and acquisition decisions. They are regularly delivering intel to executive, product, market teams in addition to their ongoing support to revenue teams.

Defining Features

Strategically informing product, execs, and other strategy teams

Regular intel briefs to product, sales, execs

Systematically producing role-specific content

Integrated analytics for true revenue attribution

Exec commitment and trust

LEVEL 5 | Transforming

Improving org-wide

These programs transform the way every department competes in their respective markets. From competing for talent, building stronger partner networks, to standing out in the marketplace, organizations at this stage have entrenched wall-to-wall competitive enablement.

Defining Features

Org-wide usage of competitive content

Customized intel briefs across the organization

Competitive content embedded into line of business tech stacks

Departmental impact metrics across the business

Exec advocate for competitive

Ready to lap the competition?

Learn what you need to do next for your competitive program with the first ever Competitive Enablement Maturity Model report.

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