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We’re on a mission to help our employees unlock what they’re truly capable of. To achieve what they didn’t know they had in them. We have a deeply rooted belief that they want to be supported to push their limits, with a team that’s got their back when they take a risk and fail. We’re not about participation ribbons.

The problem
we’re solving

We’re defining the category of Competitive Enablement. A new, smarter way for B2B companies to beat the competition. But we can’t do it alone.


Open Opportunities

    Hear What Our People Say


    Customer Success
    General & Admin
    Customer Success
    General & Admin

    As a CSM at Klue, you’re tasked to be a partner in building and scaling successful compete programs with your customers. I love that this means I learn and build experience in almost all areas of the business of compete and business strategy. What sets Klue apart is the encouragement to challenge the status quo. I can share new ideas, and own new initiatives to drive our customers and business forward, that have unlocked new skills and opportunities for my career growth. If what you’re looking for next in your career is to be challenged beyond your comfort zone, and learn from some of the best tech professionals across disciplines, Klue is for you.



    Customer Success

    Having spent 6+ years with Klue, I’ve had a front-row seat on a rollercoaster of a startup ride. I’ve always felt most engaged, in my career as a designer, in startup culture. I am my best self when there’s a healthy mix of vision, urgency, risk and adventure. Throw in a few big audacious challenges and the fun gets cranked up. From this perspective, Klue is an embarrassment of riches for me.
    I’ve seen, week by week, month by month, Klue has eked out those rewarding little wins that fuel success. And with each win, the true prize has been the people. Klue has attracted the best people I’ve worked with. And not just teammates but customers and users too.
    In short, Klue has captured both my head and my heart and I am so excited to see who comes through the door next to join us.




    Working at Klue has elevated my career in ways I didn’t know I was seeking but wouldn’t trade for anything. Having joined as Klue’s first legal counsel when we had just under 30 employees, we’re now at well over 200 and I’m leading and directing the growth of a legal team in-step with the company. In prior in-house roles, I often found myself frustrated by broken, inefficient processes and the slowness of change. At Klue, if I can think of a solution, I’m empowered to fix, improve, and accelerate everything from processes, templates, and policies to building productive, fun and respectful relationships, both internally and externally. Our team members are incredibly diverse, but we’re united by the common threads of authenticity and a genuine desire to fulfill our potential through the work we do.



    General & Admin

    Culture of the team is absolutely crucial & that happens to be one of my favourite parts of working @ Klue. SDRing isn’t easy, however, when you start your day with folks that are obsessed with the process, hungry to be the best while always sharing best practices, it feels at least a little easier. 😅
    Since joining Klue I’ve had the opportunity to not only gain/develop core skills that are transferable across all career paths, but also build best practices/resources that’ve been used across the team.
    I think some of my favourite memories so far since joining Klue have been our QBRs, cold call blitz’s, and our “always on” SDR zoom room for our ongoing jam sessions. 🤘




    I can’t speak highly enough about my experience working at Klue. Before joining, I heard stories about how incredible the culture, people and leadership were, but I had my doubts. Surely, there had to be a catch- but was I ever wrong. Every day since I’ve started I have been welcomed, challenged and given an opportunity to own my own development. The thing that sticks out most: is the constant elevation that occurs across this team. You feel it! Everyone is invested in seeing this company grow and scale. I could not be more motivated and optimistic about the potential of this organization!




    The stars aligned when I met the folks at Klue. The role was too good to pass up. Klue opened up the opportunity to grow in areas I wanted to lean into at this phase of my career – establishing and building up the ProductOps organization within Product; dipping my toes into the SaaS space; and getting to work with fellow Canadians at a scaling start-up, where roles are still expansive and less constrained. I’m so happy that I took the leap! The people have been amazing, and the opportunities for contribution are boundless.




    Klue isn’t for everybody. It’s really challenging. I’m constantly amazed at the skill, grit & ingenuity of the folks I work with. They could easily be working less hours, making more money and living an easier life working anywhere else. They choose to work here. Everyone has bought into the mission. We’re building the future of competitive enablement. We do more with less. We’re scrappy, even as we’ve grown into a bigger company. We shoot for the moon. We embrace the challenge. The people that get that, thrive. I’ve met some of the greatest human beings I know working here. I’ve far surpassed what I thought I was capable of. I’m really proud of the work I get to do, and that’s Klue… opportunities.




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    If you can dodge a ball, you can win a deal
    And last week the Klue crew WON a charity dodgeball tournament!!


    Everything in tech wouldn’t be possible without two departments. Engineering and Product.


    Some remote workers never meet their co-workers.
    And meeting their CEO? Forget about it. #klue


    Everyone is trying to be a trailblazer these days. That’s nothing new. But what about being a trail BUILDER?


    Want to know what melted our hearts recently?
    Seeing #kluecrew members make deeper connections. 🥺


    Toronto team Taco tasting (with a little dash of Vancouver sprinkled in)

    Proud Moments


    People Love
    Working With Us

    “There is a strong sense of purpose and positive energy. The meetings have an agenda and a goal; everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts. It is a very data driven organization where careful attention is given to collecting and interpreting signals from clients, the market and projects. The technical work is engaging, with lots of innovation, and the team members are skilled. There is a good balance of async communication and meetings. Management invests the times in one-on-ones. I feel supported. Very open info sharing culture from top down and across groups. Radical candor (care personally, challenge directly) happens here – which is wonderful (see High performance via Psychological Safety). Lucky to be here.”

    “The banter is unparalleled, the product is great, the vibe is buzzing. Lots of people who want to prove themselves in a refreshingly healthy way for a startup. We’re at a pivotal moment in our scale-up journey – there’s nothing the out of the ordinary in terms of growing pains. In fact, I think our growing pains are managed exceptionally well. It’s a great time to join.”

    – If you have even an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit, join a start up, and really join Klue. You will get a chance to see, experience and contribute to projects that may not be possible at bigger companies

    – they’re building from the ground up in a new category.

    – Very strong list of customers and brands that want to work with Klue – great name recognition for your own resume

    – Well-funded!

    – Great group of people they’re hiring, from diverse backgrounds, countries, locations

    – Very team focused

    – Interesting industry!

    Klue for inkluesive workplace culture

    At Klue we’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer that has made a commitment to support and contribute to a diverse environment in our community. With a dedicated committee (called Inkluesive), that not only facilitates DEI education and initiatives, but works to support and empower our high performing team-members to bring forward their own DEI initiatives. Diverse perspectives working together to ensure people feel safe, accepted, and valued.

    Meet the People Team

    Elena Smith

    VP People


    Simran Bahia

    Senior People Business Partner


    Jessica Campos

    Employee Experience Manager


    Alex Fraser

    Manager, Talent Acquisition


    Sam Forst

    Senior Talent Sourcer


    Jordan Li

    Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist


    Justin West

    People Business Partner


    Jenna Bugiardini

    Revenue Enablement Manager


    Jody Geiger

    Director of Revenue Enablement


    Lisa Trumble

    Talent Acquisition, Engineering & Product


    Hiring Process

     Most of our interviews stages look like this (video/remote): 


    Intro Interview | 30-60m

    With a member of the hiring team (people team or team member)


    Hiring Manager Interview | 60-90m

    Deeper dive into your experience.


    Technical/Team Interview | 60-90m

    A role related exercise with potential team members (for development roles: pair programming, for client-facing roles: role play.


    Executive Interview | 30-60m

    (Role Dependent) Meet with one member of our executive team.


    If hired – yay!

    Now you begin our Klue Enablement Program, something we developed to ensure we’re setting you up for success.

    This is typically the process for all roles but sometimes this can change. The full interview cycle can run anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the role, but we aim for under 4 weeks whenever possible.

    Competency-based hiring/criteria

    What does success look like in this role?

    This is the biggest question on everyone’s minds, and we all want to clearly understand what success looks like here at Klue in every role. We developed success profiles and career paths for each role to define clearly what success looks like at Klue. This influences everything from job descriptions to our hiring process to development plans.

    What does that mean for you? You’ll be joining a team that values:

    • Diversity of thought and experiences across all teams
    • More awareness around biases across the interview process and in career development
    • Transparency and vision for career progression

    This process is for us and YOU to evaluate if this is mutual – we’re curious (and hope you are too) so ask us anything!


    Want to see Klue in action?

    Let’s do it. Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll set up a time to wow you.


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