Know when competitors show up in deals. Introducing Gong + Klue.


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Jul 18th 2024

How to Speed up Competitor Analysis and Still Deliver Intel Your Team can Trust

4 min

Competitive analysis is a time suck. But it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how you can get deep competitive insights in seconds with Klue.

Jul 15th 2024

Know when your competitors are showing up in deals. Introducing the Klue & Gong integration.

3 min

Buyers have a lot to say about your competition.  Especially on Gong calls, where competitors are being mentioned all the time. But, we’re struggling […]

Jul 9th 2024

How Sales Cycle Feedback Can Be Just As Valuable as Post-Deal Feedback

2 min

Buyer feedback during the sales cycle isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s becoming mission critical. There’s gold to be found in your sales calls.

Jul 4th 2024

How to Nail Your Competitive Positioning (with examples)

5 min

Competitive positioning isn’t just saying that you’re better than alternatives. Here’s what it is and how to nail it, with examples.

Jun 30th 2024

How to Find, Target, and Take Your Competitor’s Customers

5 min

Nothing is sweeter than landing a customer that jumps over from your competitor. Here’s how to find, target, and take these buyers from them.

Jun 25th 2024

Why Old-school Competitive Analysis is Old News

3 min

Dylan D’Urso shares why old school competitive analysis, like SWOT and Harvey Balls, is old news in competitive intelligence.

Jun 11th 2024

6 Tips For Getting Buy-In From Your Salesforce Admin    

2 min

Partnering with your Salesforce Admin is key to your Compete program success. Here are 6 proven tips on how to gain influence.

May 27th 2024

How to use Klue to Measure the Impact of Your Competitive Intelligence Program

2 min

What does a successful competitive intel program look like? It starts and ends with impacting revenue. Here’s how to get started.

May 21st 2024

Level Up Your Compete Program With Klue and Salesforce

3 min

The Klue and Salesforce integration is a cheat code for your competitive intelligence program. Find out how you can use it today.

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