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Sep 15th 2023

No More ‘Closed Lost’ to the Competition: What to Expect at Compete Week 2023

3 min

Compete Week 2023 is the biggest week of everything compete. And you won’t want to miss it. 

Aug 31st 2023

Win The Deals You Should Have Won: Four Real-Life Lessons From Competitive Deals

4 min

Klue spoke with experts who have been a part of hundreds of competitive deal cycles to recount the most memorable ones of their careers.

Aug 23rd 2023

Goodbye Guesswork: Announcing Competitive Revenue Analytics

2 min

With Klue’s Competitive Revenue Analytics, your entire business now has a clearer picture of their competitive landscape.

Aug 14th 2023

Two Reasons Why Sellers Close (or Flop) against Competitors, According to the Data

6 min

Klue data found two big reasons that separates high and low-performing reps when selling against competitors.

Jul 31st 2023

Competitive Advantage Examples: How Five Market Leaders Beat The Competition

3 min

Five examples of market leaders and the strategies they used to gain their competitive advantage.

Jul 7th 2023

Four Reasons Why Win Interviews Matter as Much as Loss Interviews

3 min

Don’t forget the ‘win’ in win-loss analysis. There’s as much good intel to learn from wins as losses. Here are four reasons why.

Jun 27th 2023

The Primary Goals of Your Win-Loss Analysis Research

4 min

The questions you need to ask your internal stakeholders and areas to cover in your initial win-loss analysis research.

Jun 22nd 2023

Your 9 Step Competitive Intelligence Guide (2023)

7 min

Fill your toolbox with 9 strategies and tactics to improve your competitive intelligence program, with in-depth advice and examples on how to analyze your competitors.

Jun 18th 2023

The 7 Biggest Problems Affecting your Competitive Intelligence Framework 

5 min

It’s impossible to build a competitive intelligence framework without first establishing the problems that it will solve.

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