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The field has changed: there’s a new way to compete, and a new way to win. Find out how the best in the industry have moved on from the old, noisy approach and taken their game to the next level.

Competitive Enablement Maturity Model

Find out what you can do to level up your competitive program and get ahead.



There’s no worse feeling in business.

And new competitors enter your market every day. They’re moving at dizzying speeds, and they are coming for a piece of your market share. So how will you compete? The old way?

The way companies used to compete is broken. For starters, just try keeping up:

new offers, new products, changes in campaigns, pricing and discounts, messaging, accounts won and lost, awards, key hires, customer feedback.
It’s an impossible amount of information to collect manually.

Even with automation, raw intel without context is a compass without an arrow, or worse, a compass pointing in the wrong direction.

People don’t want press releases, reviews, and social posts dropped in their lap. They need practical insights and informed direction on how to actually beat the competition.

Competitive Intelligence is nothing without Competitive Enablement; here's why.

And while organizations invest millions to collect and analyze data, they still use yesterday’s tools to create and deliver competitive content.

Outdated slide decks, spreadsheets, and documents are littered everywhere. 

It’s not dynamic, digestible, or even relevant to its audience. So people fend for themselves, forming half-baked strategies without a clear picture of how to win.


It’s just another thing to manage. A back office function. More noise while your company continues to lose ground.
But that’s the old way.

Putting Intel Into Action
Podcast ft Alex McDonnell, Airtable
Now, there’s a better way:



The solution starts with delivering actionable insights and content to the people that need it.

It means not only collecting competitive information, but translating it into something that can help every team in your organization compete. From sales, to product, to your executive.


“One single source of all competitive information. The automated cards and alerts section keeps us updated with what our competitors are doing in the market and industry day to day basis.”

Tirrah Switzer,
Community Brands

It’s about eliminating noise and creating more time to uncover actual insights and create content that leads your team to victory.

We’re talking differentiated messaging and guidance for your revenue team, product comparisons and recommendations for your product team, and contextual data and insights for your executive team.
All easily digestible, centralized, up-to-date, and delivered in the platforms they’re already using.

Putting intel into action
Podcast - Alex McDonnell, Airtable

A collaborative approach that inspires customer-facing teams to contribute insights from the field and the entire organization to contribute valuable feedback.

The Secret to Scaling your Competitive Program
Clara Smyth, Slack

“We’re delivering valuable competitive insights to more than just sales. From sharing insights that drive our product management roadmap, helping marketing create targeted demand gen campaigns, to educating HR on recruitment and talent acquisition strategies, we’re seeing our impact across the org.”

Pat Wall, Competitive Intelligence Manager, Product Marketing & Strategy,

It’s competitive strategy as a key lever of revenue.

An essential strategic function from sales to the executive team.

Allowing competitive strategists to elevate their role.

And setting you up to out-maneuver, outplay, and outmatch the competition.


So which way will you compete?
Compete to win.

Level up your competitive program and get ahead

Use the first ever Competitive Enablement Maturity Model


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