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Keep your competitive data secure

At Klue, we take the security of your data and competitive secrets very seriously. From the outset, every product feature and internal process is designed to keep your data and competitive strategies secure.

Security has been a priority since day one

Sarathy Naicker, our co-founder and CTO, was previously the Chief Technologist at Sophos – a worldwide leader in advanced cybersecurity solutions. During his time at Sophos, he worked on data security infrastructure supporting 500,000 organizations and more than 100 million users globally.

Despite being a dynamic startup, our goal has always been to build enterprise-ready software with a similar focus on security. If it’s ready for enterprise, it’s ready for everyone.

We achieve this high standard of security readiness with a holistic approach focused on risk reduction. We leverage industry-leading security solutions and industry best practices in our day-to-day operations.

Introducing the enterprise-ready suite

Single Sign On
Role Based Access
Customized User Permissions
Data Protection
Certified SFDC Partner
Dedicated CSM, SLA + Support
GDPR Compliant
Reporting & Analytics
Security, Privacy & Compliance

Our approach to security is supported by:

Security Mindset

Incorporating security concerns and a security mindset into all aspects of Klue operations and software development.

Minimizing Sensitive Information

Minimizing the amount of sensitive information and personal data processed by Klue, and anonymizing + aggregating all data to the furthest possible extent.

Industry Leading Infrastructure Partners

Relying on only state-of-the art industry-leading infrastructure partners like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform while eliminating physical storage, internal servers, and local networks to minimize vulnerabilities.

Robust Internal Policies

Applying robust internal security policies and performing frequent internal and external audits as demonstrated by Klue’s SOC 2, Type II compliance.

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Klue is a platform that automates the collection of competitive and market intelligence, streamlines your analysis, and makes it easier to distribute insights and messaging to every team in your organization.


Collect competitive intel

Increase your competitor coverage while saving hours of collection work each week. Spend more time reviewing relevant competitive insights without having to worry about being blindsided again.


Convert intel into insights

Klue makes it simple and fast to review, analyze and take action on important intel, leaving more time to focus on the strategic work that matters.


Create competitive content

Klue makes it easy to create and maintain content like competitor profiles, battlecards, product teardowns, executive summaries, win-loss, and more, all in one centralized place.


Enable your teams

Getting people in your organization to leverage your content relies on making it actionable, trustworthy, and easy to find. Klue does all three.


Measure your impact

Confidently measure the adoption of your competitive content and how that impacts revenue, win rates, sales cycle length, and more.


Tech stack integrations

A winning competitive program relies on meeting your stakeholders where they are. Klue makes it easy for people to consume and contribute insights from the tools they use every day.


Security and compliance

At Klue, we take the security of your competitive data very seriously. Every product feature and internal process is designed to keep your data and competitive strategies secure.


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