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Competitive intelligence collected effortlessly, curated painlessly, and delivered to your teams to win more deals.

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Your competitive intelligence workflow just got a whole lot easier.

Collaboration and curation how it should be.

Heroic Intelligence

Share new discoveries and deliver the timely intel your team needs with a few clicks. A streamlined workflow makes everyone’s life easier and means a happy sales team. That’s a big win.

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loves Klue for Competitive Intelligence

"We've gone from covering 12 companies to 54 with the same team. Klue enables us to cover more competitors and go deeper on the ones that matter.”

Jay Nakawaga - Director, Competitive Intelligence
Dell EMC

Effortlessly Up To Date

Klue scours the web so you don’t have to. Digests and alerts mean you can focus on what’s important without getting blindsided. And when it’s time to roll up your sleeves on competitive intelligence, you publish once and publish everywhere simultaneously.

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loves Klue for Product Marketing

"Klue is integral to how Hootsuite competes on a global basis. It takes care of the heavy lifting in decentralizing the process of gathering, contextualizing and distributing intel, and allows our team to focus on the needle movers and bigger strategic issues."

Vincent Lo - Director, Product Marketing

Smart Battlecards

Answers to your questions, all in one place, exactly when you need them.

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loves Klue for Sales

"With Klue, our account teams leverage the intel they need to compete everyday. They love having easy access to web and mobile playbooks that are fresh, up-to-date and full of digestible information they can actually use to win deals.”

Michael Schmitt - Chief Marketing Officer
Adaptive Insights

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