Competitive intelligence that wins business.

Klue is the competitive enablement platform built to collect, curate, and deliver competitive and market intelligence across every department of every business.

Connected Competitive Intelligence.

Fuel better decision-making across the organization. Klue makes it easy to collect, curate, and deliver intel to multiple teams. Whether by email, web, mobile, or Salesforce, Klue works where you do.

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Your competitive intelligence workflow just got a whole lot easier.

Don't be blindsided by your competitor's next move.

A Modern Workflow for Competitive Intelligence.

With new competitive intelligence tools, find intel and deliver timely insights to Sales to close more deals. With just a few clicks. And when it’s time to update sales battlecards, you publish once and publish everywhere simultaneously.

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loves Klue for Competitive Intelligence

"We've gone from covering 12 companies to over 100 with the same team. Klue enables us to cover more competitors and go deeper on the ones that matter."

Jay Nakagawa - Director, Competitive Intelligence
Dell EMC

Insights to Drive Your Competitive Strategy.

Gather market intelligence to inform your go-to-market strategy using Klue. Tracking competitors in your industry with website page monitoring, keyword insights, content tracking, and news monitoring arm you to build stronger positioning strategies.

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"You had my curiosity, now you have my attention. Aside from being a powerful competitive enablement platform, Klue delivers a competitive edge with their Support and Customer Success program. Klue's Slack integration supports our efforts of enabling Sales, Product, and Customer Success teams - a powerful combo readily adopted by our salesforce."

Director, Product Marketing
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Better Battlecards to Improve Your Win Rates.

Update Sales on market trends, insights on the competition, and reinforce strategies on how to compete effectively in deals. With better delivery of competitive content, rest assured that your Sales team will never be blindsided in a deal again.

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loves Klue for Sales

"Klue is a comprehensive CI platform with strong sales enablement components. With Klue, we're able to position and address 30+ competitors, giving our sellers access to up to date competitive insights they can actually use to win deals."

Paul Senatori - Director, Competitive Intelligence

What could your sales battlecards look like?

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