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Klue transforms how companies discover and leverage competitive intelligence in the enterprise.

Competitive Intelligence Workflow for the Enterprise

Klue helps sales, and the teams who enable them, leverage competitive intelligence to win more deals. We capture continuous inputs from internal and external sources to be processed and built into targeted sales tools that actually get used.

How the world's leading companies win

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Adaptive Insights
Vision Critical

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension


While our bots scour the web for info, your team can also clip and save info from the web using a handy browser extension.


The trick to great competitive intelligence is have a curator like you that can prioritize the data that is most useful to your team.

Competitive Profiles & Battlecards
Competitive Profiles & Battlecards

Mobile & Web Apps
Mobile & Web Apps


Your team members want the info that helps them win more deals. Klue gives you the ability to create shareable battlecards and email digests.

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