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Deliver competitive insights to every team

Your organization relies on competitive insights that are relevant, actionable, and easy to find. Klue helps you deliver on all three.

Distribute insights that drive revenue


Increase in competitive win rate




Adoption from sales




Day reduction in sales cycle




Seller confidence




Of revenue impacted




Global user adoption



Why winning teams
love Klue

Deliver insights in the tools people use

Klue integrates with the tools your stakeholders work in every day, like Salesforce, Highspot, Seismic, Teams, and Slack, making it simple to find relevant content without needing to jump between tools.

“The ability to instantly share insights through our existing tech stack was a key reason we chose Klue.”
Chuck Kramer
Sr Market Analyst, Neo4j

Digests to keep everyone updated

Build your own internal intel digest to share fresh insights and content updates across every level of your organization, accessible via email, Slack, or Teams.

Searchable answers on demand

Global search makes it easy for users to find the right content in seconds, even on their mobile device.

“Research is time consuming. Competition comes in waves. Klue helps me ask the right questions, look like an expert, and show how SpotOn adds more value.”
Preston Hardaway
Team Lead, SMB Consultant

Actionable insights that are easy to digest

Replace lengthy documents with short-form content like Cards and Battlecards that are quick to consume and focused on taking action.

“One of our reps pitching to a $200M prospect, discovered a competitor in the deal – she immediately jumped into Klue, found the right kill traps, weaknesses, positioning points and immediately shared this with the prospect, live on the phone. This is awesome!”
Pat Wall
Director of Competitive Intelligence

Reliable content that keeps people coming back

With last-reviewed timestamps and update reminders, Klue makes it easy to manage your content, keep it fresh, and build trust with your stakeholders.

“It’s been eye-opening how valuable Klue has been for so many teams at DailyPay – Product, Product Marketing, Business Operations. Our small CI team can now enable our entire company with valuable insights and have a larger impact on revenue. Our early success is already tapping us into other strategic programs at the company!”
Allegra Ingerson
Senior Manager, Market Strategy and Competitive Insights

What’s Next


Klue is a platform that automates the collection of competitive and market intelligence, streamlines your analysis, and makes it easier to distribute insights and messaging to every team in your organization.


Collect competitive intel

Increase your competitor coverage while saving hours of collection work each week. Spend more time reviewing relevant competitive insights without having to worry about being blindsided again.


Convert intel into insights

Klue makes it simple and fast to review, analyze and take action on important intel, leaving more time to focus on the strategic work that matters.


Create competitive content

Klue makes it easy to create and maintain content like competitor profiles, battlecards, product teardowns, executive summaries, win-loss, and more, all in one centralized place.


Enable your teams

Getting people in your organization to leverage your content relies on making it actionable, trustworthy, and easy to find. Klue does all three.


Measure your impact

Confidently measure the adoption of your competitive content and how that impacts revenue, win rates, sales cycle length, and more.


Tech stack integrations

A winning competitive program relies on meeting your stakeholders where they are. Klue makes it easy for people to consume and contribute insights from the tools they use every day.


Security and compliance

At Klue, we take the security of your competitive data very seriously. Every product feature and internal process is designed to keep your data and competitive strategies secure.


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