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Valuable competitor insights in your team’s message threads? Don’t lose them with Klue’s powerful integration for Slack.

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A Modern Workflow for
Competitive Intelligence

Add to Slack

Share to the Feed

Send Slack threads into the Klue Feed to combine them with insights from other sources.


The Feed is a shared centralized stream of key competitive intel.


Optionally, send a message or reply to the Klue Scratchpad for easy inclusion in a competitor Board.

Go direct to Boards

Speed up your workflow and create Klue Cards directly in Slack.


Klue Cards are key insights organized within competitor repositories.

Comments Included

Messages can also be sent into Klue with their full comment threads.


As the conversation grows in Slack, you can update Klue from within Slack at any time.


Easily navigate between a Klue post and its associated thread in Slack.


And see, in Slack, which threads have already been sent into Klue.

Unfurl Battlecards

Share links to Battlecards in Slack channels and the link will unfurl to display the Battlecard name, card titles, who has reviewed the Battlecard and the last time it was reviewed right within Slack.

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