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Jul 7th 2023

Four Reasons Why Win Interviews Matter as Much as Loss Interviews

3 min

Don't forget the 'win' in win-loss analysis. There's as much good intel to learn from wins as losses. Here are four reasons why.

Competitive Enablement

Jun 27th 2023

The Primary Goals of Your Win-Loss Analysis Research

4 min

The questions you need to ask your internal stakeholders and areas to cover in your initial win-loss analysis research.

Competitive Enablement

Apr 25th 2023

Customer Churn Analysis: What it is and how to use it for your business

5 min

Keeping customers has never been more critical for businesses. One of the best ways to do so is by learning from the ones that […]

Apr 17th 2023

Six Expert Takeaways from Win-Loss Month on the Competitive Enablement Show

6 min

Five experts joined us on the Competitive Enablement Show to dive into all things win-loss analysis. We took the six biggest takeaways from those conversations and put them together for all to see.

Competitive Enablement

Feb 14th 2023

Maximize Your Executive Meeting with a Winning Win-Loss Analysis Template

6 min

Be the hero of your next executive meeting with this fully editable and customizable win-loss analysis template.

Competitive Enablement

Product Marketing

Apr 27th 2022

Ryan Sorley: How to Nail Competitive Win-Loss Interviews

8 min

DoubleCheck Research CEO and Win-Loss expert Ryan Sorely breaks down how to nail your next win-loss interview and make your program a success.

Competitive Enablement

Product Marketing


Jan 28th 2022

7 Components of a Successful Win-Loss Analysis Program: Best Practices

6 min

Though the scope and sophistication of your program will vary, there are essential win-loss analysis best practices everyone should follow. From setting clear objectives […]

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