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Klue Acquires DoubleCheck Research Bolstering Win-Loss Services

Klue Acquires DoubleCheck Research Bolstering Win-Loss Services

Klue solidifies its position as the leader in the competitive enablement space and continues to scale 

Today, Klue, the category leader in competitive enablement, announced the acquisition of DoubleCheck Research. DoubleCheck is an established leader in win-loss analysis, which helps organizations improve win rates by examining why they are winning and losing business. 

Klue’s platform will now be the premiere source of truth for buyer intelligence and competitive insights — by acquiring DoubleCheck and win/loss capabilities, Klue moves one step closer to its vision of becoming the all-in-one compete platform for its customers.  

With the acquisition, Klue adds new win-loss capabilities to its offering, allowing customers to capture and analyze in-depth intelligence around why they win and lose deals.

The addition makes Klue’s platform even more mission critical by offering a solution that can deliver tactical insights to help close deals today, while also enabling executive leadership with insights they need to make informed decisions for tomorrow.

With an uneasy economy and declining tech budgets, companies need all-in-one solutions to share information across the organization, not just in the sales silo.

“From day one, Klue’s mission has been to help our customers win more with actionable competitive and market insights. Now, our acquisition of DoubleCheck further expands these valuable insights in our all-in-one platform,” said Klue co-founder and CEO Jason Smith.  “No other provider in the market offers win-loss as part of their solution. We are excited for DoubleCheck to join Klue and enable sales, marketing, and leadership teams for success, which will only help us strengthen our position as a category leader.”

Klue’s platform empowers customers by combining competitive intelligence with market intelligence. By adding win-loss analysis, companies can now also propel the entire organization with insights from buyer intelligence, enabling their teams to create stronger go-to-market strategies.

This acquisition of the top win-loss provider reaffirms Klue’s market leadership in competitive enablement, demonstrated by customers, such as Adobe, Dell Technologies, Hubspot, and Shopify, who are changing how enterprise companies compete today.

“More and more formal win-loss analysis programs are becoming required by leadership teams who need to go beyond their CRM data and gut instinct to truly understand why they’re winning and losing business against key competitors,” said Ryan Sorley, DoubleCheck CEO and founder. “With this acquisition, customers can now combine competitive, market, and win-loss intelligence into a complete story that informs and influences company strategy. Bringing win-loss into Klue’s enablement platform also ensures these insights don’t just live with leadership, but make their way to teams across the entire organization to help them win more.”

About Klue 

Klue is a competitive enablement and win-loss platform. Using Klue, product marketing and competitive intelligence teams collect and analyze intel from across the web, inside their company, and from their buyers to distribute actionable insights across their organization. From sellers needing actionable battlecards, to product management needing competitive and buyer insights, to executive leadership looking to make strategic go-to-market decisions. 

Klue has over 200,000 users and is a leader in all Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and Win-Loss categories on G2, receiving over 142 G2 badges in 2022 alone. Klue was named one of Canada’s top 15 startups by LinkedIn in 2022, one of Deloitte’s Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ Technology fastest-growing companies in 2021 and 2022, and has been included in the Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies three years in a row.

About DoubleCheck 

DoubleCheck Research delivers win-loss research and analysis services and technology to the world’s most progressive B2B technology companies. They leverage DoubleCheck to better understand their buyer’s journey while identifying key win, loss, and churn trends. This enables these companies to make more informed go-to-market decisions across product marketing, sales, product management, customer success, and the C-suite with the ultimate goal of improving win rates, increasing wallet share, and gaining market share.

Learn more about DoubleCheck at: https://doublecheckresearch.com/ 

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