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Four Reasons why you DON’T Need Klue AI
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Four Reasons why you DON’T Need Klue AI

We’re pretty passionate about Klue.

And we’ve been incorporating AI into our product ever since the early days in a tiny office almost ten years ago.

But not everyone needs, or wants, Klue AI to help them in their roles. And that’s okay.

Maybe your business doesn’t lose deals to competitors.

Or better yet, you don’t have competitors at all!

Perhaps you have plenty of time at your disposal to stay on top of your competitive landscape.

And you certainly haven’t been asked to ‘do more with less’.

If you’re unsure whether you should invest in Klue AI, we’ve made an extensive list that shares reasons why you shouldn’t buy.

If you fall into any four of these buckets, then you definitely shouldn’t purchase Klue.

1. You LOVE a “retro” approach to researching competitors – and you don’t need any help doing it

If your favourite part of the job is setting up Google alerts on all of your competitors’ webpages, and refreshing their sites every two hours to check if they’ve updated their messaging, then save yourself some time.

Close this tab now.

The same goes for if you’re already on top of every competitor’s product release, hiring trends, discounting tactics, or keynote their CEO delivers.

But, if you do want to get alerted on the most important updates your competitor makes, then Klue AI might be able to help.

We filter out out 90% of the noise you don’t need to know — or have already seen — and alert you on the most relevant pieces of competitive intel from the remaining 10%, so you can decide whether or not you want to act on it and deliver to your teams.

We’ll also summarize that intel to speed up your time-to-analysis.


Check out Klue’s triage mode speeds up your time-to-analysis

2. Everyone knows your competitors’ strength and weaknesses, and they’re not changing anytime soon

If every sales rep on your team has your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses memorized like they’re prepping for the LSAT, then you probably don’t need Klue AI.

And you never EVER get late night DMs from them asking “what do we know about Dunder Mifflin?” (I hear they’ve got some aggressive discounting).

Especially if those strengths and weaknesses don’t change, either.

I mean when has a competitor ever evolved it’s strategy or direction through an acquisition, product release, hire, messag… wait, nevermind.

But if you do want to provide fast, accurate, and up-to-date view of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to your revenue teams, then Klue AI might not be the worst idea.

We analyze trends across proprietary and licensed data like win-loss interviews and customer reviews to instantly provide an answer to your competitor’s strengths and shortcomings.


3. You are confident that ChatGPT will tell you the truth

Maybe you’re already riding the AI wave. You’ve got ChatGPT as your competitive intel assistant and life couldn’t be easier.

We love that for you.

But here’s the thing. ChatGPT is known to sometimes eat one too many of the wrong mushrooms, and ‘hallucinate’ answers.

In fact, over 80% of respondents to our research report, AI in Competitive Intelligence, said their biggest skepticism with current AI tools like ChatGPT was inaccuracy.

When you’re in charge of competitive intel, accuracy is your reputation.

One wrong answer and your trust with a seller is out the window.

And that’s where Klue AI can help.

We’ll also scour the publicly available intel on your competitors, but we don’t get swayed by ‘PR spin’ out there.

That’s where we combine this intel with proprietary data like call transcripts, win-loss interviews, and licensed data like G2 reviews to provide an instant and accurate picture of your competitors.

4. You also trust ChatGPT won’t share your secrets

Now you could manually share all of that juicy proprietary data with ChatGPT.

And that means that you truly believe sharing is caring.

In fact, it’ll save your competitors the trouble of attending your strategy sessions.

Because sharing that intel with ChatGPT is not secure. In fact, it’s the opposite.

But if you want to fast, accurate, and secure answers, then Klue AI could be for you.

We do not share any of your intel with public LLMs, and our own LLM does not get trained on your information.

And if you’re really on the cutting edge and your business has an LLM in-house… Klue data connects securely with that, too.

Alright, we’ll cut the sarcasm

We hope that these four reasons have answered a few questions you may have.

If you’re keen to speed up your work by providing accurate and secure answers so your revenue can outsell the competition, then you probably do need Klue.

Which is great, because we’re here to help!

You can get a live demo today.

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