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How Does Klue Integrate with LLMs, and Is It Safe?
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How Does Klue Integrate with LLMs, and Is It Safe?

One question keeps popping up with our customers.

“How does Klue integrate with LLMs?”

It’s a fair question. We realize that the topic of Large Language Models (LLMs) has a lot of confusion. 

And we want to help you address questions and concerns head-on. 

Understanding LLMs in the business context

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, take a moment to ask yourself and your team, “What are we really looking for?”

Is it a chatbot that surfaces in your CRM for sellers? Do we want a way to funnel our market, buyer, and competitive data into an internal LLM? Or, are we trying to create a search across all of our company’s data, directing us to the answers?

Clarifying what you’re looking for is key: each of these are very different ways of working with an LLM that present unique opportunities and questions.

But first…

Is Klue going to spill our secrets with an LLM?

As an AI solution, one question we regularly get from technical, legal, and compliance teams: What LLM is Klue using? 

What they’re really asking is: How does Klue keep our data safe from prying eyes? Will our precious insights be shared with the world?. 

Here’s how we work with LLMs:

  • Klue uses multiple LLMs in its solution, depending on the use case. We’re continuously testing and improving based on new capabilities. 
  • Regardless of the LLM we’re using, your data will never be shared for the training of the model, nor will it be combined with other customers’ data.

In short, your secrets are safe with us. 

Why is Klue necessary for my organization?

Let’s answer this with a little metaphor.

You’re hungry for a gourmet meal. You want the best Italian in the world, not just a night at Olive Garden (even though those breadsticks are fire).

In this case, the data serves as the ingredients, the AI is your chef, and the insights are the dish served before you.

If your ingredients are generic and your chef isn’t specialized, your sauce will be bland and the steak slightly overdone. 

When you fill the kitchen with premier ingredients and an expert in Italian cuisine, you’ll have the best meal of your life. 

And just like the answers you get from a ChatGPT — or even your own company’s internal LLM — you won’t know what the best is like until you’ve tasted it. 

The specificity of the data and the context fed into the AI is what creates actionable competitive insights for you and your teams.

Learn more about the AI foundation we’re building at Klue

What do I do if my organization is building an internal LLM?

Many companies are looking to centralize their internal knowledge. Smart.

To do this, they are leveraging LLM technology as the foundation. As they do this work, they naturally look to include their Klue data.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. Include all of Klue’s data for your LLM to index. The risk? A broader internal LLM can be inconsistent with pulling the right data to answer a question about competitors. It might not know whether to use Klue’s data or refer to an outdated sales deck. We’ve even seen the quality of answers vary using when simply indexing Klue’s data. That’s because the LLM has not trained under the same market, buyer, and competitive conditions – which means it won’t give the same answers.
  2. Use your LLM as a search engine that drives people to Klue. In this case, it would point those who asked the question to the Klue content that answers their question, whether it’s a battlecard, win reason, or competitor objection and how to handle it. This lessens the risk of your internal LLM referring to incorrect information elsewhere to form an answer as it drives directly to Klue’s data.
  3. Use your LLM to query ‘Ask Klue’. At Klue, we’re working with an LLM and interface that is wrapped in competitor-specific context and referencing purely market, buyer, and competitive insights to provide an answer. When your sales rep asks a question about your competitor’s pricing, your LLM will query our specialized compete engine to get the most accurate and insightful answers possible.

Plug-in with your LLM or just Ask Klue

Our goal is to work with LLMs to deliver you deep, secure, and actionable insights that are directly relevant to your unique market context. Not just answers that look good at surface level.

With Klue, you’re enriching your data with layers of context and passion that no other AI solutions can offer. And don’t forget…your data stays safe with Klue and away from prying eyes.

Learn more about how we’re building our AI foundation to provide the deepest insights on your market, buyer, and competitors

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